Alumni Profile: Dr. Ruth Njeri Mwai, University Registrar, USIU-Africa

With over 16 years of dynamic experience in Research, Business Consulting, Teaching, Strategy Development and Implementation, Dr. Ruth Mwai’s contribution to the Higher Education Sector especially at USIU-Africa is immeasurable.

Currently she serves as the University Registrar at USIU-Africa where she leads a diverse team in both the Registrar’s and Careers Placement Services Departments. Prior to this, she served as Principal Academic Advisor in the Chandaria School of Business (CSOB). Additionally, she is instrumental in steering the formulation and ongoing implementation of the USIU-Africa’s 2021-2026 Strategic Plan.

Dr. Mwai holds a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration (DBA) Strategic Management (2018), a Masters’ degree in Counselling Psychology (MPSY) (2011) and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) (2008) all from USIU-Africa. Her research work focuses on Strategy Implementation in Kenyan Private Universities and argues for enhancement of influences such as demographics, personality, communication and manager discretion for successful implementation of strategic plans. She is also a member of the Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM) and has published in various journals.

Her multi-disciplinary background in both strategic management and Counselling Psychology has been instrumental in propelling her achievements. The various teams she has led have appreciated her keen eye for detail, strong work ethic, critical thinking, problem solving ability, oral and written communication skills. As she continues to serve in her current position, her passion for academia continues to drive her towards high value quality impact.

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