The USIU-Africa Library and The Consulate Magazine team up to host Meet the Author series

By Azenath Ateka

The Library and Information Center has teamed up with The Consulate Magazine which is a start-up run by our alumnus, Susan Muriuki, to present a series of events titled ‘Meet the Author’. Through these series students, staff and faculty have an opportunity to meet recently published authors from within and out of Kenya and engage in conversation about and around the book(s).

Just last week, on Friday, February 10, the team hosted Irungu Houghton, author of Dialogue and Dissent and Executive Director of Amnesty International, Kenya. In his remarks, Irungu explained that he started to write the book after being challenged by one of his friends who told him, ‘You are too old to keep writing tweets, we need something bigger’.

Through Dialogue and Dissent, Irungu shares vivid insights and bold perspectives from some of Kenya's boldest advocates of democracy and respect for human rights in a world where these conditions are rapidly diminishing. Apart from discussion around the book, Irungu urged students to register as members of Amnesty International.

Going forward, the Library and the Consulate intend to keep the campus lit with such events.

We are currently exploring the possibility of bringing in the celebrated author of ‘Americana’ among other books, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The aim is to promote not just the reading of books but also the writing of books.

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