PACS hosts the first edition of the Audacity Vision Board Workshop

By Justice Masime and Mercy Sitima
Photo: PACS Vision board

On Wednesday, February 2, 2022, the Placement and Career Services (PACS) department spearheaded a vision board workshop geared towards challenging students to inspect their life journey, themed ‘Audacity; Dare to dream, own your future’. The event took place at the Peer Counsellors Club (PECC) venue, with about 40 students interactively engaged with speakers from within the department coupled with guests from Jubilee Insurance and Alitezi Foundation.
The workshop covered much depth in breaking down career-related insights on goal setting. Dr. Edgar Githua, head of PACS opened the session giving a welcome remark highlighting the services offered by PACS. The next session was a reflective space conducted by guest speaker Hellen Matarimo from Alitezi Foundation. She implored the students to recalibrate their position on what drove them towards choosing certain majors, as some students’ career goals weren’t closely pegged to their study units.

PACS representative, Mercy Sitima took the students through a journey of self-assessment to a well-balanced life. She introduced the concept of the wheel of life, encouraging students to have a balance in academics, personal development, finance management, physical/mental health, fun & recreation, community contribution, family/social relations, and spirituality. In addition, she also guided students on how to create a vision board while expounding on its value. Having the privilege of understanding the value of a balanced life, students were then introduced to the concept of insurance which was presented by Caroline Nderitu from Jubilee Insurance.

The workshop was a very creative space as the students got to craft vision boards that would serve as a memento to fuel their deep-seated desire for the qualities sought out of a fulfilling career. With the vision boards at hand, the students learned that success is a culmination of habits and achieving set goals. They got enlightened on the concept of value-tagging as they understood how salient dreams become when enabled by relevant tools of clarity and focus. Some notable feedback from the students included:
“Got me really settled on my reality plus what I truly need to adjust, implement, and apply.”
“I loved that I was able to create a vision board. It was great to see how I envision my future in paper.”
“My highlight was understanding that experience does not come from a job, it comes from community contribution and volunteering.”

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