Counseling Department

The Counseling Center:

Location: Freida Brown Student Center, 2nd Floor

  1. Mrs. Lucy Kung’u, Principal Counselor – Telephone 0730 116 797
  2. Mr. Patrick Obel, Senior Counselor – Ext. 746
  3. Ms. Joy Kilili, Office Administrator – Ext. 748
  4. Ms. Lydia Winda, VCT Counselor – Ext. 750

Services and Programs offered: Visit the Counseling center to:

  • Explore life issues in a confidential non-judgmental atmosphere
  • Secure opportunities for training, gain skills in Peer Counseling & Education and join many other exciting programs
  • Have professionals help you identify and resolve issues that may influence your growth and development
  • Gain information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Access Voluntary HIV counseling and testing

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