USIU-Africa student pens and releases debut novel, Land of the Exiled

By CTW Team and Victor Kon Bol

Victor Bol, an International Relations student has released his first novel, Land of the Exiled, a fictional novel inspired by the history of his country, South Sudan. The plot of the novel is centered around three teachers who work hard to transform their society, highlighting themes of hope, inspirations, misdemeanors, patriotism, education, history, love, life, and prosperity.

In his comments to CTW, Victor noted that he is inspired by the stories there are to tell about South Sudan.
“South Sudan is the youngest nation in the world, and by writing this book, I had the opportunity to tell the story of my country. The book, dedicated to my grandfather, Mr. Bol YuotTong, is a memoir account from a splinter group of people whose history should be learned and appreciated. In it, I included the stories of life and how one can learn to stand straight in the difficulties, how a bad today can also represent a better tomorrow if people are willing to hope in its transformation,” he said.

“I decided to write it so as to inspire my fellow brothers and sisters that there is always a hope in an activity to believe in; it can be authorship, entrepreneurship and many others without a feeling that one cannot achieve them. It also outlays a sense that what we already know can also be retold in a way it has not been told, and that one can do many things if they believe that they can,” he added.

“I have donated five copies of this book to the USIU-Africa Library, and it is my hope that one day it will form part of the University’s course texts,” he noted.

About the author
Victor Bol Kon Bol is a second born in a nuclear family of eight children. He started his schooling in Thiet and later moved to Khartoum on educational purposes in the early 2005. In 2008, he transferred to East Africa, Uganda and later completed his primary school and then moved back to his country where he completed his secondary.

In 2019, he got enrolled in the United States International University-Africa to pursue a degree in International Relations. He started his writing carrier in 2020 when the lockdown first moved the world. His book ‘The Land of The Exiled’ is a work of fiction that is dedicated to his late grandfather Bol YuotTong.

The 242-page book is published BY Aura Books and is available in print for purchase.

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