The International Model Conference Club formally launches in USIU-Africa

By Gathoni Matemo

Following the recurrent opportunities for USIU-Africa students to participate in international conferences, such as the Harvard Model United Nations (HNMUN) and International Model African Union, hosted every year in the United States during the spring semester, a group of students came together to register and launch the International Model Conferences Club(IMCC). The club was launched to create a formal forum that would expose more students to these opportunities and create elbow room to explore more similar learning opportunities all year round.

The Club is envisioned as one that will shape attitudes, instill confidence, and promote introspection and connections to the global community to ensure that members are exposed to different views and agendas. In addition to this, the club hopes to stimulate a deeper knowledge of International Organizations; to develop and establish a working understanding of the political, military, economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian problems of the world, and to provide free and open forum for the study and discussion of these problems.

Members of the Club will have an opportunity to act as diplomats, researching a country, and proposing solutions to the problems of the day. Through debate, deliberation, and compromise delegates attempt to draft resolutions with clauses that address and mitigate or resolve the stated issues. Delegates then face the challenge of getting their resolution passed by a majority within the committee they are simulating. They also gain to experience a wide variety of delegate educational and social events to vitalize a robust, well-rounded experience.

Matching the school spirit, IMCC prides itself in the responsibility that has been taken up by devoted students who have been well primed to pilot and maintain the substantive operation and excellence of the club and its delegates. Fully supported by the department of International Relations, the Club’s current Faculty Advisors are Dr. Mercy Kaburu and Dr. Aleksi Ylönen.

All registered undergraduate students interested in the International Model Conferences Club are eligible for membership; regardless of major. Membership shall be granted by an application and interviewing system that has been ongoing for the past few weeks. Regular meetings shall be held weekly on Friday mornings at 9:30 am throughout school sessions.

IMCC is not only a platform for acquiring and applying knowledge of the world, but also an opportunity for members to develop their skills in public speaking and presentation, persuasion, analysis of situations, research and critical thinking that are invaluable virtues to be desired by the fledging leaders in our midst.

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