USIU Online Department


The USIU online Department shall be a premier center of academic excellence with a global perspective leveraging on 21st century technology for lifelong learning.


To leverage on the use of modern technologies to enrich the overall educational experiences through the adoption of flexible, creative and innovative best practices in teaching, learning and research at USIU-Africa.

Philosophy of USIU Online

The philosophy of USIU Online Department mirrors the University vision, mission, and mission outcomes. USIU Online Department seeks to provide flexible and accessible education that’s enriching at the convenience of every learner anywhere, anytime, globally. The center will promote digital capacity building for learners, facilitators and other stakeholders at USIU-Africa. The center will provide quality online learning and online teaching content that is interactive and effective for the development of leaders and managers with the capacity to solve emerging problems of the 21st century as guided by our core values of integrity, quality, flexibility, equity and relevance.

Mandate of the Proposed USIU Online

To fulfill the vision and mission of USIU-Africa, the USIU Online Department shall undertake the following:

  • Serve as the administrative and coordinating centre for instructors and student interaction in the process of online learning at USIU-Africa.
  • Facilitate and coordinate activities for the development of online learning at USIU-Africa.
  • Train and equip USIU-Africa workforce with the capacity to effectively deliver online learning.
  • Facilitate the design, preparation and review of course materials for use in online learning in collaboration with the subject matter experts.
  • Train and certify all online facilitators.
  • Monitor and evaluate the online activities and interactions between students and the instructors.
  • Advice and implement strategies to support facilitators and online learners.

Contact details

WhatsApp: or
0730 116 333
0735 000 377

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