Date: July 30, 2020



Fall Semester 2020 registration for undergraduates begins on 20th July 2020, while Masters and Doctoral students begin on 27th July 2020 for ONLY those with no holds from any office. Check your student’s accounts.

Registration continues online up to September 18, 2020 for all students. Those who will not attend next semester MUST complete the Leave of Absence Form available at

ADD/DROP charges begin on September 14, 2020 and Late Registration charges begin on September 15, 2020. Refer to the Academic calendar, Fall 2020 schedule for financial guidelines on Registration resource/download-academic-calendar

To find out when you are scheduled to register, please visit the USIU-Africa website:

Select Current students then preregistration check and enter your ID number in the box provided. You will immediately get to know your date and time of registration. MARK YOUR TIME!!!

Access On line registration on

Go through the given tutorials on cx if you do not know how to register.

All students must complete the online Summer 2020 faculty evaluation before registration.

NOTE: Graduate students doing Thesis/Project MUST register for it during this time. It is mandatory to continuously register for Thesis/project until completion.

Preregistration is mandatory for all students. Please take advantage of the lengthy time offered to register in good time and make all the changes that you may need to make on your schedule.

Contact or 0730116333 should you need assistance to log on to cx.

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