Strategic Plan Composition

The composition of the strategic planning process is made up of a steering committee, conveners and the design team. The steering committee will lead the process, design team collects and synthesizes views from the USIU-Africa community and the conveners lead the design team and act as the go-between of the steering committee and the design team.

Steering Committee

Name Designation
1 Prof. Paul Zeleza (Convener) Chair
2 Prof. Ruthie Rono Member
3 Ms. Hellen Ombima Member
4 Dr. Judy Obura Member
5 Prof. Amos Njuguna Member
6 Mr. Fred Newa Member
7 Ms. Maureen Ochola (Secretary) Member
8 Dr. Ruth Mwai Member

Design Team

Conveners (also members of steering committee)
1 Eng. Fred Newa
2 Prof. Amos Njuguna
3 Dr. Ruth Mwai

Design Team Members

1 USIU Online Mr. Ernest Andugo (Convener)
2 Admissions Mr. John Sande
3 multimedia Mr. Peter Kiprop
4 SAC Mr. Omar Aabdulwadood
5 MB/ICT Dr. Paul Okanda
6 Council member to be named
7 Graduate Student Rep to be named
8 SST Dr. Patrick Wamuyu
9 Internal Audit Mr. Stephen Njagi
1 Senate/SST Prof. Valarie Adema (Convener)
2 Quality Assurance Dr. Peter Kigwilu
3 MB/HR & Admin Ms. Night Nzovu
4 SHSS Dr. Pablo Rubio Gijon
5 SPHS Mr. Ermias Terefe
6 Library Dr. Sylvia Ogola
7 Finance Mr. Leonard Ng'eno
8 SPHS Prof. Francis Ndemo
9 SHSS Prof. Martin Njoroge
10 CSoB Dr. Teresia Linge
11 Admissions Dr. George Lumbasi
12 ICT Mr. Allan Mwangi
1 CSoB Dr. Juliana Namada (Convener)
2 SHSS Dr. Njoki Wamae
3 SPHS Dr. Edith Amuhaya
4 MB/Operations Eng. Paul Warui
5 SST/Inst Research Dr. Gabriel Okello
6 FC/CSoB Dr. Maina Muchara
7 Board Member to be named
8 CSoB Dr. Mary Mutisya
9 SCCCA Prof. Patrick Ebewo
10 SST Dr. Audrey Mbogho
1 SCCCA Dr. Rachael Diang'a
2 CSoB Ms. Cecilia Mweru
3 CSoB Mr. David Nerubucha
4 HR Mr. Yusuf Saleh
5 PACS Ms. Martha Oigo
6 SAC Mr. Peter Owiti
7 FC/CSoB Dr. James Karimi Ngare
8 Council Member To be named
9 FC/CSoB Dr. Veronica Kaluyu
10 FC/SPHS Dr. Caroline Kahiri
11 Fundraising Mr. Eannes Ongus

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