The office of Gender Equity and Protection conducts sexual harassment training for staff, students and faculty

By Fred Kariuki

As part of its mandate to create awareness, encourage openness and reporting as well as mainstream gender equity and equality to the entire university community in order to ensure an environment that is secure, inclusive, free and conducive for academic and service excellence, the Gender Equity and Protection Office has been carrying out various trainings to faculty, staff and students in USIU-Africa.

On Tuesday, March 10, a training was held for the faculty and staff members of the School of Science and Technology, School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the School of Communication, Cinematic and Creative Arts, in order to create awareness of the University’s Sexual Harassment Policy and the reporting mechanisms available to the University Community.

During the training, attendees were taken through the Sexual Harassment Policy, which prohibits and strongly condemns acts of sexual harassment committed either by students or employees whether on or off campus, or by any individual on campus or within its programs or activities. The policy clearly defines what constitutes sexual harassment, the applicable laws both national and international against sexual offenses, the reporting framework for cases when they occur, how the cases should be handled in regard to investigations, adjudication and penalties to culprits, the duties and responsibilities of everyone. The policy is a clear fulfillment of an obligation to protect, prevent and manage sexual harassment within the university.

Speaking after the training, one of the participants praised the trainings, noting that the University was indeed committed to the wellbeing of its members. ”It is gratifying to see that USIU-Africa appreciates the complexity of handling sexual harassment issues especially those related to sex for grades as they tend to happen in confidence of those involved. These trainings are making us more empowered to come out and share our experiences of sexual harassment without fear.”

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