Mr. Owuor, Bernard Onyango

Lecturer    |     +254 730 116 831


Mr Bernard Owuor is a lecturer in the Cinematic and Creative Arts Department. A trainer, curriculum developer with over ten years of teaching experience.

After completing his studies, he quickly build his career in the academic world. Along the way he has worked in a number of local Universities and produced a number of short films with his students.

He has also provided advice and technical support to institutions of higher learning that offer Film Editing and Post Production courses.

Academic Degrees:

  • 2008: Master of Arts in Post Production Film Editing, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK
  • 2005: Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast and Radio Production, Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas USA

Area of Interest/Specialization:

  • Production and Post-Production Film Editing

Courses Teaching:

  • FLA 1010: Fundamentals of Photography and Cinematography
  • FLA 1030: Fundamentals of Film Editing
  • EDT 4005: Editing the Narrative
  • EDT 3010: Advanced Color Theory and Color Timing for Editing
  • ANM 4055: Digital Effects for Film and TV
  • EDT 3015: After Effects
  • ANM 2040: Camera Operations and Aesthetics
  • ANM 2050: Camera Language and Cinematography
  • FLA: 2025: World Approaches to Film
  • FLA 2010: Business of Film Society and Culture
  • FLA 1005: History of Film
  • CIN 4015: Visual Effects and Green Screen Cinematography
  • PRD 4015: Internships in Producing from Green light to completion

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