USIU-Africa hosts security training awareness seminar in preparation for biometric system roll out

Participants at the Security Training

By Diana Meso and Sarah Masila.
On Thursday, January 30, the Department of Security organized the first security training in preparation of the roll out of the biometric system on February 3 aimed at improving on-campus security. The training which took place at the Freida Brown Student Center focused on Counter terrorism training, physical security measures and cybersecurity.
Conducted by representatives from the National Counterterrorism Centre (NCTC) - a multi-agency instrument primarily of security agencies built to strengthen coordination in counter terrorism in Kenya, the training offered insights on how to keep safe in every environment, how to detect possible security threats and how to curb them even before they happen.
The training further delved into terrorism and radicalization, warning that children as young as five years could be radicalized into joining a terror group. Thus, it encouraged participants to be vigilant at all times to be able to notice negative or violent change in character of their friends, families or children. It further encouraged participants to report suspicious individuals to relevant authorities accordingly.
Members of staff and faculty, and students are encouraged to attend such security trainings accordingly to get knowledge and be more alert on security matters, as the university strives to offer protection for its members at all times.

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