9 Lines of Inquiry

With this in mind, the various meetings will proceed along 9 lines of inquiry:

Decision-making and Governance: Meetings will be held with all governance bodies: learning more about the relationship among these bodies, how they interact and how these structures facilitate decision-making;

Financial Sustainability and Enrollment Management: The team will meet with finance and strategic planning units to receive updates on key strategic actions to achieve long-term financial sustainability, including enrollment management strategies and the underlying assumptions for the 5-year budgetary projections;

Culture of Evidence: Meetings with the Offices of Institutional Research and Quality Assurance to understand how these entities interact, and how data is used to improve the quality of programs and support data-informed decision-making;

Evidence for Student Success: Meet with Alumni, Student Affairs, Institutional Research and Quality Assurance to examine how USIU-Africa is making use of evidence for student success through the whole student experience beginning with admissions, through student experiences, graduation and post-college outcomes, especially how data are disaggregated to examine student progress;

Graduate Education and Doctoral Culture: Meet with Academic Affairs Deans’ Committee to examine status of graduate and doctoral program development, faculty hiring priorities, the publication expectations and outputs for students, and to understand how the Graduate School culture fosters faculty, graduate and undergraduate research;

General Education: Meet the standing General Education and Education Effectiveness Committees to seek to understand the delays in implementing and assessing general education and the timeline for completing the cycle of review;

Program Review: Meet with Quality Assurance, representative Review and Assessment teams as well as School Deans to learn more about that status of program reviews, including updates on any program reviews that have been completed since the institutional report and how this evidence has been used in program improvement;

Faculty Qualifications, Sufficiency and Development: Meet with Quality Assurance, School of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension and the DVC-ASA’s Office to seek to understand the institution’s goals for faculty hiring, particularly in the doctoral programs, and the status toward reaching these goals, and how the university is addressing faculty development; and

Diversity: Meet with the Student Affairs and Human Resource officials to confirm USIU-Africa’s assertion of a strong commitment to representational diversity. The team will seek to understand how the institution defines diversity and the challenges in implementing this commitment.

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