Update on the search for the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs

By Dr. Paul Okanda
As you may be aware, we are entering the final phase of our recruitment effort for the next DVC-Academic & Student Affairs which includes an invitation to the finalist candidates to visit campus. We are in discussions with a number of candidates and have thus far invited three finalists to visit campus.
Last week, we hosted one of the finalists, Professor Deo Jaganyi to a tour of the campus, where he had several meetings with various stakeholders over a two day period, followed up by an open forum at the Auditorium on Thursday, 16 January, where he had the opportunity to field questions from staff.
Thus far, we have two finalists scheduled to visit campus as indicated below:
• Candidate Two: 27-28 January
• Candidate Three: 29- 30 January

A secure link to each of the finalists’ resumes will be provided on the intranet for about 24 hours before each candidate visits campus. We have scheduled opportunities for various campus constituent groups to meet with each of the candidates and encourage all interested members of the campus community to participate where possible.

Throughout the search process, the Search Committee has pledged to protect the identity of the candidates. While we can no longer promise complete confidentiality to these finalists as they present themselves on campus, we urge you to bear in mind that each of them holds a significant position elsewhere, and we urge you NOT to make personal inquiries about them but rather to communicate your comments, questions, or concerns, to a member of the Search Committee. The Search Committee believes that these candidates are capable of providing effective leadership for USIU-Africa and are excited for you to have the opportunity to meet them.?
Following the meetings with each of the candidates, participants will be asked to complete an online or physical form that will allow us to capture your feedback on each of the candidates. This information will be tabulated and shared with both the Search Committee and the Vice Chancellor as they deliberate on the strengths and limitations of each candidate.
After this, the Search Committee will share its collective thoughts with the Vice Chancellor – who, having full information on each candidate, will make the final decision. We will announce the selection of our next DVC-Academic & Student Affairs once a contract has been signed.
If you have any questions or concerns about this final phase of the search, please feel free to contact Dr. Paul Okanda on pokanda@usiu.ac.ke

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