IT students get glimpse into the tech world through engagements with industry leaders

The IT Club during their visit to the IBM Kenya office, where they learnt about best practice in the technology industry.

By Eric Musangi

The IT Club recently visited IBM Kenya offices where they underwent training on various facets of the ICT sector. The group, which consisted of students from the IST, APT and Accounting disciplines walked away with valuable information on topics such as quantum computing and neural networks, cloud computing, data mining and data science, security, blockchain and emerging trends in the market. This was in addition to the talks given by various sector heads at IBM, who shared impactful information relating to the various sectors in the IT industry and giving insight and motivation to the aspiring tech trailblazers.

The IT Club was also privileged to be part of the Women in Technology (WIT) program, which ran for eight weeks, beginning September 18 to November 8 on campus. The program, which was run in collaboration with Olive International combines practical career advice and personal stories from female entrepreneurs and tech professionals in an effort to motivate, inspire, and show female students at USIU-Africa what a career in the field is like and how to succeed in it.

The goal of the program is to be able to mentor young women in technology related courses, using this program as a tool to build self- confidence and resilience in their areas of interest and hopefully to make concrete their resolve to complete the journey of pursuing a career in technology, to build a community of women in technology in the institution by inspiring, supporting each other in the field of technology with values, integrity and determination.

The Women in Technology cohort members following the end of their 8 week program, designed to offer mentorship and career advice to female students aspiring to careers in the technology field.

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