Conference Sub-Themes

Papers, which pertain to one or more of the following topics within bigger themes, are invited:

  • Communication, innovation, and development in Africa

  • Business management and revitalization in Africa

  • Enterprise innovation

  • Economic development, trade, and natural resources in Africa

  • Emerging Trends in Africa-Diaspora Partnerships

  • Reimagining Pan-Africanism

  • Immigration, Remittances and the African economy

  • Africa and China relations

  • Africa and globalization

  • Development and technology trends in Africa

  • Innovations in sustainability in Africa

  • Agriculture (Food crop production, modern farming methods, and deforestation)

  • Effects of foreign aid on the development of African states

  • Health and Africa-- neglected tropical diseases, health technologies relevant to Africa

  • Africa and international policymaking

  • Gender, youth and transformations in Africa

  • Cultural dynamism and the creative Arts in 21st century African development

  • Environmental issues in Africa

  • The role of languages in education in Africa

  • Renaissance of African philosophy--restoring the stolen legacy

  • Human rights, democracy, and leadership issues in Africa and the Diaspora

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