International Relations

Lecturer, World Civilization and Political Science

BA (International Relations), MA (International Relations), United States International University, Nairobi.

Fatma Ahmed

Assistant Professor of International Relations
Program Director, International Relations

B.A. (International Relations), United States International University; M.A. (Peace, Conflict and Development Studies), Ph.D (Peace, Conflict and Development Studies), Universitat Jaume I, Castellón, Spain

Kennedy Mkutu Agade

Associate Professor of International Relations

B.A. (Social Studies), M.A. (Public Administration), Ph.D. (International Relations and Security), University of Bradford.

Kenneth Omeje (On Leave of Absence)

Professor of International Relations

BSc. (Political Science & Sociology), M.Sc., (International Relations), University of Nigeria; M.A. (Peace & Conflict Studies), European University Centre for Peace Studies, Stadtschalaining, Austria, Postgraduate Diploma (Research Methods), Ph.D (Peace Studies Environmental Conflicts & International Security), University of Bradford, West Yorkshire U.K.

Macharia Munene

Professor of History and International Relations

B.A. (History), Gonzaga University; M.A. (History), Ph.D. (Diplomatic History), Ohio University, Athens.

Moses Onyango

Lecturer, International Relations

B.A. (International Relations), United States International University; M.A. (International Studies), Rhodes University (South Africa).

Research Interests

Onyango, M. “ Successes and lessons from mediation in the Horn of Africa”. Horn of Africa Bulletin Analyses • Context • Connections . Vol. 23. No 1. February 2011. Nairobi: Life and Peace Institute

Onyango, M., “Nyanza”, a book chapter in Invisible violence, ( a KONRAD Publication on root causes of violence in Rift Valley, Western and Nyanza.

Most Recent Research

Onyango, M (forthcoming), “Neo-colonialism and politics in Kenya”, a book chapter in The crisis of post coloniality edited by Omeje Kenneth (Codesria, Dakar, Senegal.

Lecturer, International Relations

B.A. (International Relations), M.A. (International Relations), United States International University-Africa;


Associate Professor of Psychology

Dana Basnight Brown

Associate Professor of Psychology

B.S. (Molecular Biology), B.A. (French, Spanish), Houghton College, M.A (Cognitive/ Developmental Psychology), Ph.D. (Cognitive/Developmental Psychology), University at Albany, State University of New York.

Oscar Wanyutu Githua

Assistant Professor of Psychology

B.A. (Psychology), M.A.(Counseling Psychology), USIU-A; PsyD (Forensic Psychology), Alliant International University - California School of Forensic Studies, Los Angeles.

Samson Munywoki

Professor of Psychology

B.A. (Sociology and Anthropology), M.A. (Sociology), North Dakota University; Ph.D. (Educational Psychology and Counseling), South Dakota University.

Tabitha Ndungu

Assistant Professor of Psychology

BSc. (Pharmacy), University of Nairobi; M.A. (Counseling Psychology), United States International University-Africa.

Truu Chacha

Lecturer Psychology

B.A. (Counseling), University of Eastern Africa, Baraton; MSc. (Work and Organizational Psychology), Ph.D. Student (Occupational Health Psychology and Management) University of Nottingham.

Research Interests

Organizational psychology, occupational health psychology and management, emotional labor.

Most Recent Research

Conference presentation:

ACHP 2013: The psychological impact of post-election violence on airline employees: the case of Kenya

EAMARC 1: The psychological impact of post-election violence on airline employees: the case of Kenya

EAOHP 2014: Perceptions of Emotional Labor in Kenya

Criminal Justice

Lecturer, Criminal Justice

B.A. (LLB), Moi University; M.A. (LLM), University of the Witwatersrand;

Francis Sang

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

B.A. (Police Leadership), Bramshill Staff College-UK; MSc. (Criminal Justice), Leicester University, UK; Ph.D (Sociology), Washington International University, USA;

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice
Associate Dean, General Education

B.A. (Sociology & French), M.A. (Sociology), University of Nairobi.; Ph.D (Sociology), Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA.

Munyae M. Mulinge

Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice
Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor - Academic Affairs

B.A. (Sociology), M.A. (Urban and Regional Planning), University of Nairobi; Ph.D. (Sociology), University of Iowa, USA.

Simeon Sungi

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

LL.B Hons, Open University of Tanzania; LL.M. (International Human Rights Law), Indiana University School of Law; M.A. (Criminal Justice & Criminology), Indiana State University; Ph.D. (Criminal Justice), Indiana University.

Research Interests

Law and Society, Criminology of International Crimes, Comparative Criminal Justice, International Criminal Law and International Human Rights Law

Most Recent Research

Sungi, S.P. (2015). "Dealing with international crimes in Africa: When are indeginous justice systems better than criminal trials?" Published by the Edwin Mellen Press: NY. ISBN: 9781495502767

Sungi, S.P. (2015). Is it pragmatism or an injustice to victims? The use of plea bargaining in the International Criminal Court. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology, 7(2) pp. 21-33

Sungi, S.P. (2012).The Substantive Incorporation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court into Tanzanian Law. Journal of Tanganyika Law Society, 3, 163-194.

Sungi, S.P. (2012).The Importance of Mutual Legal Assistance in the Age of the Global War on Terrorism. In F. Shanty (ed). Counterterrorism: From the Cold War to the War on Terror. Praeger Security International, pp.413 – 416.

Sungi, S.P. (2012). The African Union’s Efforts in Counter-terrorism in Africa. In F. Shanty (ed). Counterterrorism: From the Cold War to the War on Terror. Praeger Security International, pp. 485 – 488.

Sungi, S. P. (2011). Redefining genocide: The failure of the International Criminal Court to indict on the Darfur situation. Journal of Theoretical & Philosophical Criminology, 1, 63-88.

General Education

Lecturer, French

B.Ed. (French Language and Literature, Linguistics and Geography), University of Nairobi; M.A.T. (French Literature and Education), Portland State University.

Angelina Nduku Kioko

Professor of English and Linguistics &
Acting Dean, School of Humanities & Social Sciences

B.Ed. (English, Linguistics, Literature), M.A., (Linguistics), University of Nairobi; Ph.D (Linguistics), Monash University, Australia.

Research Interests

English Language teaching; Bantu Linguistics; Literacy; multilingualism and Education; Early Grade Reading; development of Indigenous languages

Most Recent Research

Kioko, A. N. (2013). Language Policy and Practice in Kenya: Challenges and Prospects. In Hamish McIlwraith (Ed.) Multilingual Education in Africa: Lessons from the Juba Language-in-Education Conference.London: British Council. 110 -116.

Kitetu, C. W. & Kioko, A. N. (2013). “ Issues of Language and Gender in the Iweto Marriage as Practised by the Kamba in Kenya. In L. L. Atanga Gender and Language in Sub-Saharan Africa: Tradition, Struggle and Change. Asterdam: John Benjamins. 29-52.

Kioko, A. N., Bukenya, & Njoroge, M. (2012) Spot on Writing Skills for Secondary Schools. Nairobi: Oxford University.

Kioko, A. N., Njoroge, M. C. and Kuria P. M. (2012) “ Harmonizing the Orthography of Gikuyu and Kikamba” In N. O. Ogechi, J. A. Ngala and P. Irebemwangi (Eds). The harmonization and Standardization of Kenyan Languages: Orthography and other Aspects. CASAS: Cape Town (Chapter 3 pp. 39 – 63).( ISBN978-1-920287-26-9)

Kioko, A. N. (2012). A United Orthography for Bantu Languages in Kenya. CASAS: Cape Town.( ISBN978-1-920287-36-8)

Professor of French

BA (Teaching of French as A Foreign Language), MA (French), University of Toulouse-le-Mirail; MPhil (Linguistics), Ph.D. (Linguistics), University of Geneva.

Hussein Abdi Mohamed

Lecturer and Community Service Administrator

B.A. (Literature) Somali National University; MBA (Business Administration), MOD (Organizational Development), United States International University.

Jane Nzisa Muasya

Assistant Professor of Spanish

B.A. (Linguistics), University of Nairobi; Ph.D (Linguistics), University of Valladolid, Spain.

Javier Serrano

Assistant Professor of Spanish & Literature

B.A. (Theory of Literature & Comparative Literature), B.A. (Philosophy), University of Granada, M.A. (Spanish) University of Barcelona, M. Phil. (Theory of Literature & Comparative Literature), University of Granada.

Research Interests

Spanish in Sub-Saharan Africa

Postmodern Philosophy

Critical Theories, Post-colonialism and Theory of Literature

Most Recent Research

Spanish as a foreign language in Kenya

Spanish in Sub-Saharan Africa

Professor of History

B.A. (History), University of Nairobi; M.Phil.(History), Ph.D. (History), University of Cambridge (U.K.).

Mikhail D. Gromov

Assistant Professor of Literature

M.A. (Philology), Ph.D. (Philology), Moscow Lomonosov State University.

Nakamura Katsuji

Lecturer, Japanese

B.A. (Japanese), Soka University; M.A. (Literature), University of Nairobi.

Naom Nyarigoti

Assistant Professor of English

B Ed (Eng & Lit), Moi University; MA- (Linguistics), PhD (Linguistics) University of Reading, UK.

Research Interests

English Language teaching, Professional Development and Teacher Education, Multilingualism in education

Most Recent Research

Nyarigoti Naom (2009) The Broken Promise, AuthorHouse UK Ltd, London.

Nyarigoti Naom (2013) Continuing professional development needs for English language teachers in Kenya. International Journal of Research In Social Sciences 3(2) 138-14.9

Associate Professor of Philosophy

B.A. (Business), George Mason University, USA; M.A. (International Affairs), Ph.D. (Communication), Ohio University, USA.

Research Interests

Metaphor theory and its relation to ideology, public policy, critical theory, rhetorical theory, management, marketing, news analysis and propaganda, power, culture and other disciplinary areas of relevance such as political science, history, and economics.

Philosophy of language.

Philosophy of science and the theory of explanation in particular, logic and argumentation theory.

Teaching and learning.

Lecturer, English

B.Ed (English/Literature), M.A. (Linguistics) University of Nairobi; M.A. (ABD-Communication Studies) Daystar University; On-going PhD ( Health Communication) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Lecturer, English

B.Ed. (English and literature), M.A. (English), Kenyatta University;

Research Interests

Communication, Writing, English Education

Assistant Professor of English

.Ed. (Linguistics), Kenyatta University; M.A. (Linguistics and African Languages), University of Nairobi; Ph.D. (Linguistic Sciences), Reading University, Berkshire (UK).

Research Interests

The Myth of Language as a Unifying Factor

The Impact of Remedial English on the Improvement of English proficiency: The case of the United Stated International University - Africa

Safeguarding Multilingualism: The Need for a Language Policy to Protect Diversity in Kenya.

The Language Support Unit Bulletin Issue 1, 2013

Most Recent Research

Position Paper on Tuition in Kenyan Schools – focus on English and Mathematics

Multilingual education in Kenya: The solution for Tribalism – to be presented at Kenyatta University Conference August 2014

Specialty areas: Linguistics, second language acquisition, writing and intercultural communication.

Publications and Conference Papers

Lecturer, English

Afundi, Patrick