Associate Professor of Accounting

B.Com, M.Com, Ph.D. Mohan lal Sukhadia University, India.

Specialty areas: Human Resource Accounting; Accounting Information Systems and Managerial Accounting.

Publications and Conference Papers

Assistant Professor of Finance

B.Com., University of Nairobi; MBA, York University (Canada). CPA(k), CPS(k)

Specialty areas: International Finance and Investments

Publications and Conference Papers

Assistant Professor of Management

B.A; M.A. (Management Studies), University of Leads (UK).

Specialty areas: Leadership, Strategic Management and Cross Cultural Management.

Assistant Professor of Marketing

B.Sc., Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology; MBA, Marketing Management (University of Nairobi); MBA, Human Resource Management (Kenyatta University); Ph.D. Business Administration and Management (Entrepreneurship); Kenya Methodist University;

Specialty areas: Business Administration, Management and Marketing Management.

Assistant Professor of Strategic Management

B.Com, M.Com – BA (Marketing), Ph.D in Strategic Management. Mohanlal Sukhadia University, India.

Specialty areas: Strategic Management, Management of Change and Marketing

Publications and Conference Papers

Associate Professor of Management

B.Ed., University of New Brunswick, Canada; M.Ed., Ph.D., Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Development; University of Illinois, USA.

Specialty areas: Entrepreneurship, Total Quality Management, Management of Technological Innovations and Human Resource Management.

Publications and Conference Papers

Associate Professor of Marketing

B.Com. University of Nairobi; CI (UK); DBA, Australia.

Specialty areas: Management, Services Marketing, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, Entrepreneurship.

Publications and Conference Papers

Associate Professor of Business Administration and Management

B.Ed., University of Nairobi; M.Ed; Ph.D. Ohio University.

Specialty areas: Higher Educational Administration; Finance; International Business Administration; Business Ethics; International Trade; Management; Leadership. Research.

Dean, Chandaria School of Business 
Professor of Management

B.Com (Hons), University of Nairobi; Master of Social Science; Ph.D. (Development Administration), University of Birmingham, UK.

Specialty area: Development Administration, Development Finance, Management, Strategic Management, Projects Management, Marketing, SMEs, Purchasing and Supplies Management.

Publications and Conference Papers

Associate Dean, Chandaria School of Business
Assistant Professor of Management

B.Ed., University of Nairobi; MBA United States International University. PhD, North West University

Specialty areas: Human Resource Management and Research Methods.

Publications and Conference Papers

Assistant Professor of Strategic Management

B.Sc. (Economics), University of London; MBA, United States International University; Ph.D. (Strategic Management), University of Nairobi

Specialty areas: Strategic Management, Total Quality Management, Organizational Behavior

Publications and Conference Papers

Lecturer of Accounting and Finance

B.Sc., International Business Administration (Finance) United StatesInternational University;

M.Sc., International Business Administration (Finance), United StatesInternational University;

Assistant Professor of Management and Human Resources Development

Ph.D., M.Ed, M.A, B.A. University of Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota, USA.

Specialty areas: Human Resource Development; Adult Education; International Education; Linguistics and African Languages; Sociology,

Publications and Conference Papers

Lecturer in Tourism Management

B.A., University of Nairobi; M.Sc., Kenyatta University; Ph.D., University of KwaZulu-Natal; Post-Doctorate Fellowship, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad (UP).

Specialty areas: ICT4D, Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, E-business Infrastructure, ICT Innovations and Entrepreneurship, Wireless Sensor Networks.

Assistant professor of marketing

B.Sc.; M.Sc. (Agricultural Economics – Marketing), University of Nairobi.

Speaciality areas: International Marketing, marketing research, Project Management, Marketing communication and services Marketing.

Publications and Conference Papers

Lecturer of, Hotel and Restaurant Management

B.Ed (Sc), KenyattaUniversity, M.Sc (International Hospitality Management),University of Strathclyde (UK).

Specialty area: Hotel Management.

Lecturer, Economics Agricultural Economics, Wilmington College, Wilmington, Ohio, U.S.A.,

M.Sc. in Social and Applied Economics, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A.

Lecture of International Business Administration

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Nairobi (K), MBA, United States International University (K), Ph.D in Management, [Ongoing]- University of Kent at Canterbury – UK

Assistant Professor of Organizational Development

B.Com. Calicuta University, India; M.Com (Management), University of Wollongong, New South Wales Australia; Ph.D Bus & Mgt, Royal Ireland Institute of Business & Technology

Publications and Conference Papers

Associate Professor of Organizational Development

BA (Management), Bhopal University-India; MBA, Osmania University-Hyderabad, India; M.Ph. (Research Training Program), The University of Sheffield, UK; Ph.D (Human Resource Management and Organizational Psychology), The University of Sheffield, UK.

Publications and Conference Papers

Associate Professor of Economics

B.A.(Economics), M.A (Economics) PhD in International Economics and Public Sector Economics at Kenyatta University.

Specialty areas: Macroeconomics, Public Sector (Financing and Regulations), International Economics (International Finance and Trade) and Health Economics (Health Care financing and Reproductive Health)

Assistant Professor of Management

B.Com. University of Nairobi; MBA University of Nairobi; Ph.D. Cebu Doctors’ University, Philippines.

Specialty areas; Organizational Development and Transformation; Administration and Management.

Publications and Conference Papers

Lecturer of Accounting and Finance

B.Com. (University of Nairobi); M.Sc. (Accounting and Finance), University of Stirling (UK).

Specialty areas: Financial Management, Global Business Management, Financial Accounting.

Assistant Professor of Management

BA: Economics, Management, Ohio Wesleyan University, USA;  MBA-Management, Case Western Reserve University, USA; MBA–Finance and Accounting, University of Chicago USA; Doctor of Business Administration, Durham University, UK; 

    • Assistant Professor, Chair (New Economy Venture Accelerator)

    • Columnist - Business Daily

    • Regional Director for Europe and Asia -

    • Global Special Projects Manager - World Vision International

    • Managing Director - Vision Finance Company

    • Managing Director - Urwego Community Bank

  • Assistant Vice President - PNC Bank

Dr. Scott brings his experience in over sixty (60) countries to provide depth and effectiveness to lectures.  He profoundly emphasizes the disconnect that exists between the realities that science knows and what organizations actually do.  During his time at USIU-A, Dr. Scott was elected Chair of the Faculty Council, elected best business lecturer multiple times, and currently serves as the Chair of the Incubation and Innovation Center.  He also writes as a columnist for the Business Daily and as a resident author with the Artist Colony of Kenya.

His prior experience includes CEO of microfinance banks, commercial banker, NGO country and regional director, researcher, and author.  Over the years, Dr. Scott sat on the boards of directors for the Association of Microfinance Professionals of Kenya, Maono Economic Development, Milele Ministries, Progressive Professors Forum, as well as the Institute for Organization Development Professionals.  Further, Scott served on advisory boards for eleven (11) socially conscious business venture startups in East Africa.

Scott enjoys farming, real estate investing, moments with family, and international travel during his free time.  Swimming along with watching any television show written by Aaron Sorkin standout as his top hobbies. An American by birth, English by ethnicity, and Kenyan by choice, Scott's seventeen (17) year tenure in Kenya stands as a testimony to the Kenyan accepting spirit and how foreigners who care deeply about Kenyan culture and the people feel welcome and can survive and thrive.


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Associate Professor of Management, Business Research Methods and Entrepreneurship

B.Ed, M.Ed, Kenyatta University, Ph.D, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA.

Specialty areas: Entrepreneurship education/development, Business, Social and Academic Research, Human Resource Development, Management, Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation, Curriculum Development and Training Design, Implementation and Evaluation, organization Behavior and Organization Development and Consulting

Publications and Conference Papers

Professor of Economics 

BSc. Economics; B.A. Business Administration; MSc. Economics; Master of Urban Studies (Regional Structure); Ph.D; Portland State University (USA).

Specialty areas: International Economics, Economic Development, Comparative Economics, Managerial Economics, Transportation Economics and Planning.

Publications and Conference Papers

Lecturer of Accounting and Finance

B.Com & MBA, University of Nairobi.

Specialty areas: Management and Cost Accounting, Accounting Theory, Financial Accounting and International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS, Portfolio Management, Risk Management and Derivative Instruments.

Assistant Professor of Strategic Management

Dean, School of Graduate Studies, Research & Extension

Professor of Finance

Assistant Professor of General Management

Wachana, Paul, PhD

Assistant Professor of Project Management and Implementation