The School of Science and Technology is committed to providing high quality programs for students at the undergraduate level. It fulfills its mission by providing programs with an international perspective and by emphasizing the importance of science, technology and communication skills to the global community.

School Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Science and Technology (SST) is to build and sustain high quality and broad-based teaching and research programs in science, communication and technology; to prepare graduates by equipping them with knowledge, skills, and attitudes relevant for professional success in science, communications, and technology related careers; and to provide exemplary service to the community. Further, the SST is committed to promoting the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge of science, communication and technology in order to create a better world.

School Learning Outcomes

1. Develop competence in critical thinking, creative skills, use of technology, creativity and good Communication skills.
2. Provide service to the community: acquire practical working experience through participation and contribution to positive/good community and societal causes.
3. Demonstrate preparedness for career and lifelong learning in their chosen disciplines as well as understanding of and appreciation for the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge.
4. Demonstrate the use of qualitative and quantitative research skills in Biomedical, Communication and Information technology.
5. Apply theories, concepts, and principles found in biologic and physical sciences, including a thorough grounding in communication skills in multicultural and global perspectives.
6. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of effective, efficient professional and ethical leadership.

Core Values

1. That we integrate and maintain the highest ethical, legal, and professional standards—that is, in integrity in everything we do. This is to ensure that every decision we make, every action we take must be in the best interest of those we are chartered to serve.
2. That the development, application, and effective management of technology are fundamental elements of modern society.
3. That shared and reciprocal efforts of individuals, disciplines, organizations and communities are an effective means of meeting the diverse needs of our various constituencies.
4. That commitment to excellence and integrity in our professional practices involves lifelong learning, adherence to our code of ethics, and the development and support of instructional programs based upon defined competencies.
5. That research is a fundamental tool of inquiry to guide our practices and interventions, and strengthen and promote our profession. Professionals In technology have a responsibility to maintain a current understanding of research findings and participate in research that examines our older as well as contemporary practices.
6. That all our work, teaching, learning, research work, practise & development are aimed at providing a safe and healthy environment.
7. That we actively contribute and participate in enriching our various communities for posterity.