Marriage and Family Therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy that deals with family patterns of behavior, couples relationships, individuals challenges using a systemic framework to nurture change. They are trained in systems theories and licensed to diagnose mental and emotional diseases. Marriage and family therapists are trained to work in diverse clinical settings and conduct research in the field. 


  • Apply a systemic framework and clinical language in their clinical practice.
  • Develop treatment plans after conducting mental status examination, assessment and diagnosis according   to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders system.
  • Apply theories of psychotherapy to assessments and interventions; 
  • Apply professional ethics and law following Local and International standards;
  • Review and synthesize empirical research in MFT.
Degree Requirements 72 Units

Students without a background in Psychology must take the following undergraduate Prerequisites: PSY 1101, PSY 1105, PSY 3110, PSY 3115 (PSY 3140 recommended).

Core Courses                         39 Units

Concentration courses          15 Units

Elective Courses                    3 Units

Thesis                                     6 Units

Practicum Courses                 9 Units


MFT  6800   Introduction to Family Therapy

MFT  6802   Child Abuse and Family Violence

MFT  6803   Family Therapy with Adolescents and Children

MFT  6804   Publication & Research Presentation

MFT  6805   Group Psychotherapy      

MFT  6806   Supervision in MFT     

MFT  6807   Couples and Sex      

MFT  6809   Family and Divorce Mediation

MFT  6812   Family Assessment

MFT  6813   Life Work and Planning

PSY   6002   Research Methods       

PSY   6220   Professional Ethics and the Law 

PSY   6704   Clinical Psychopathology I: Assessment and Diagnosis


Choose any one track from the following two tracks: 

Family Violence and Trauma

MFT  6819   First Responders, Military Personnel and Trauma

MFT  6820   Substance Abuse and Childhood Trauma

MFT  6821   Culture, Attachment and Trauma

MFT  6822   Domestic Violence and the Family

MFT  6823   Trauma and the Family

Mindfulness and Family Therapy

MFT  6824   Mindfulness and Acceptance in Couples Therapy

MFT  6825   Mindfulness Based-play Family Therapy 

MFT  6826   Mindfulness and Family Therapy 

MFT  6827   Integrating Mindfulness and Narrative Therapy 

MFT  6828   Mindfulness and Art Therapy  


Choose any one course from the following:

MFT  6814   Men and Families

MFT  6815   Couple & Family Therapy with LGBTQ Relationships

MFT  6816   School Counseling Seminar 

MFT  6817   Play Therapy 

MFT  6818   Current Trends in the Field of Family Therapy

PSY   6114   Life Cycle Developmental Psychology 

Thesis  6 Units

MFT  6810   Master’s Thesis I

MFT  6811   Master’s Thesis II

Practicum   9 Units

PSY   6771A Clinical Practicum I

PSY   6772A Clinical Practicum II

PSY   6773A Clinical Practicum III

Admissions Requirements

  • B.A. Psychology degree or closely related field is required from an accredited university with a minimum GPA 2.5 on a scale of 4 or Upper Second Class Honors. (An undergraduate degree in a non-psychology field requires completion of psychology pre-requisite coursework prior to full admission.)
  • Graduate application and other required documents indicated on the program application form.
  • An interview with Marriage and Family Therapy, and Psychology faculty.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the Marriage and Family Therapy program may pursue careers in private practice, or as lead therapists in the following organizations, and others not listed below:
  • Health / Residential Treatment Facilities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Legal and Correctional Systems
  • International / Government / Social Service Agencies
  • Military Organizations
  • Faith-based Organizations