Journals are arranged alphabetically by title. Current serials are displayed on the special periodical shelves on the ground floor and the Bound copies of back issues are arranged on adjacent shelves to the current ones also on the ground floor next to the Course text section.
Made up of Encyclopaedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, handbooks, yearbooks and other reference books . They are shelved on the ground floor, overlooking the Check in/ checkout counter.
Consists of recommended books, periodical articles, high demand magazines, journals and newspapers. Also in this collection are staff papers, graduate students projects, and press cuttings. These are loaned for a limited period of time ranging between 30 minutes and 2 hours.
The library has a variety of audio visual materials which can be used in the library or borrowed for a limited period of time. These materials may be viewed in the audio-visual booths located on first floor.
Course texts are issued to students to meet their core readings needs in their specific areas of study. These resources are loaned to students and faculty for an entire semester. They are issued at the beginning of each semester and must be returned at the end of the semester.
The section opens from 8.15 a.m -7.00 p.m (Monday – Friday) for the first four weeks of the semester and from 9.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m. for the first four Saturdays of the Semester. Thereafter, the section remains open from 8.15 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. (Monday to Friday).
This is a collection of works by African authors as well as works about Africa. This collection provides readership and research content for those patrons who have an appreciation for this collection.
This collection promotes a thorough understanding of the United States of America. It is open to the academic and research community in the region and beyond. These books are used within the library.
This collection includes documentations of and about the UN and the role by the global body in all aspects of humanity as are available at the USIU library and Information center. This collection supports the International Relations program and gives a broader appreciation of the role of the UN in the international arena.
This is the main collection of the library encompassing the different fields of study. The resources are loaned to the university community as follows:-
PROFILENo. of BooksLoan Period
Undergraduate 10 2 Weeks
Graduate 10 2 Weeks
Doctorate 15 1 Month
Faculty 15 1 Month
Staff 6 2 Weeks
Alumni 2 2 Weeks
The Archives supports the dual mission of education and research by striving to preserve and provide access to USIU-Africa’s historical records; to gather an accurate, authentic, and complete record of the life of the university; and to promote the highest standards of management for USIU-Africa’s current records. The Archives serves as the final repository for the historical records of the university. Its primary purpose is to document the history of the University and to provide source material for administrators, faculty, students, alumni, and other members of the University community.