Whatever your leadership ambitions, you need to understand how markets work and how to build a thriving organization. But to make a deep impact in coming decades, you also need to be able to navigate the complexity that exists where sectors, regions, and cultures intersect in an increasingly connected world.

The USIU MBA one and half year program provides knowledge and skills in selected business and management disciplines, through practical experience, case studies, guest speakers, simulations and research issues. The students are enabled to demonstrate the application of these knowledge and skills in the context of an overall dynamic environment through assignments and projects. Further, the students demonstrate functionality in dynamic organizations; as change managers and change agents in various employee positions. It is expected that students demonstrate abilities in working as a member of a multicultural team; collecting, analyzing and critically evaluating data as well as other information so as to arrive at reasoned conclusions. They have to also demonstrate an ability to evaluate the environments of organizations and develop responsive strategies for organizations; an advanced competence in interpersonal, oral, written, quantitative, and technology management skills. The program prepares students for positions in management or consulting, or entry into doctoral programs.

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Student experience

At USIU, you will be part of an intellectually curious and broadly engaged community, with the resources of a great university. As a result, you will have almost endless opportunities.

USIU is a place to think about big ideas. And to build knowledge, skills and connections that will benefit you for the rest of your life.


Application Information

Financing You MBA


You are the head of a multinational firm preparing a takeover bid. How do you weigh financial value against political risk?

You manage a sovereign wealth fund. How do your investment decisions affect the long-term welfare of your country?

As a business leader, how should you address ethical practices against profitability?

These questions do not have simple answers. To make the right decision, you need to understand all the stakeholders involved and their varied points of view, draw on your own creativity and a breadth of insights, and use a rigorous foundation of analysis and knowledge.

USIU’s Chandaria School of Business MBA curriculum is designed to teach you the skills you will need to lead in these kinds of complex, fast moving scenarios. The USIU MBA core curriculum starts with the way modern organizations actually work and teaches you to analyze and understand the full scope of information you need to make good decisions. Everyday becomes a leadership experience.

Learning through real life Case studies

The unique USIU Chandaria School of Business’ Capsim Learning method captures the complexity of real life decision making by presenting leadership questions with all their challenges and ambiguities.

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Subject expertise

The foundation of a great university, like USIU is the deep expertise of its faculty developed through the continual search for knowledge. At Chandaria School of Business, senior faculty teach in the classroom from day one.


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Every aspect of the USIU’s Chandaria School of Business experience is designed to help you take charge of your own professional development and find an internship and a full-time position that advances your aspirations for leadership.

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Jacqueline Kimwaki (Masters in Business Administration) – Class of 2012

'USIU has been an awesome experience for me. I studied both my undergraduate and graduate programs here. USIU has thoroughly prepared me for my career and I can confidently work in a global business environment. The university has the latest facilities and highly qualified lecturers. While dong my MBA project, I gained research skills which I can confidently apply in future research opportunities. USIU has offered me an opportunity to interact with people from different cultures. It has a lot to offer both academically and socially, I would encourage anyone to take advantage of these opportunities and learn new things. Finally, I would like to thank USIU, my family and friends for the support they have given me through my studies. Long live USIU’.