The mission of CSB is to provide a range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and problem solving abilities to enable students respond to the need for successful management and leadership of profit and not for profit organizations in a dynamic environment. The CSB mission is drawn from the overall USIU mission.

Learning outcomes of the CSB

CSB has nine distinct learning outcomes that form the framework in which the programs offered in the school are anchored. These are:

  1. Global oriented: Demonstrate awareness, knowledge and appreciation of global business operations and practices.
  2. Multidisciplinary: Demonstrate knowledge about the different functions of business and show an appreciation and integration of functional business areas.
  3. Change oriented: Make use of adaptive and innovative skills.
  4. Experiential: Develop practical working experience through participation and contribution to community and societal causes.
  5. Initiative and problem solving abilities: Collect and analyze data to provide business solutions.
  6. Team player: Demonstrate understanding of diversity and work harmoniously with individuals and groups in organizations.
  7. Effective communication: Develop competencies in oral and written communication skills and use of technology.
  8. Preparedness for career: Develop mastery of knowledge, skills and values relevant to careers in their selected disciplines.
  9. Transformational leadership: Demonstrate effective, efficient and ethical leadership.