Student Research Fair 2017 Poster 26 June2
Wednesday, July 12 – Thursday, July 13

The Student Research Fair is a 2-day exhibition of student-centered research, where students will gain an opportunity to showcase the findings of their investigations through posters and/or 3D models that summarize their investigation.

The Fair also seeks to create a culture that promotes the discovery, development and application of knowledge in students through collaborative research, analysis and informative experiences.


  • CAPACITY:To provide student research support and a platform where USIU-Africa students can gain experience in presenting their research to an audience
  • VISIBILITY: Showcase student research to raise the visibility of the institution through experiential learning and student driven research.
  • COLLABORATION: Form new partnerships that will benefit student research and the Institution in terms of mentorship, incubation and funding.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Supporting new applications of technology within the research disciplines
The Research Fair offers students an opportunity to:

  • Showcase an area of investigation
  • Gain experience and support by presenting their research to an audience
  • Win Prizes

Student Research Fair: Sparking Innovation

Sub themes:

  • Environment and Resources and Sustainability
  • Creative culture and society
  • Data knowledge and decisions
  • Better health
  • Public policy and governance
  • Human behavior
  • Heritage and the digital age

Cash Prizes to be Won for high potential innovations
1st Place: KES 30,000KES

2nd Place: KES 25,000KES

3rd Place: KES 20,000KES

Crucial Dates

May 29: Marketing starts

June 5: Last day to register for the Research Fair

Jun 12: Last day for abstract submission

June 16: Communication to participants

June 26: Participants’ orientation workshop

June 30th: Orientation and Discovery

July 7th: Ideation

July 8th:  Prototyping & Electronics Hackathon 

July 14th: Visual Communication and Pitching

July 15th: Fundraising & Grant Writing 

July 26th: Exhibition Day 1

July 27th: Exhibition Day 2




To register, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.