Manuscripts that seek to focus on themes and sub-themes given below are most welcome. Please note that these are only representative. Contributions on related studies within the realms of Economics, Environmental and social sustainability are greatly solicited.

Sub Themes

Economic Sustainability

ICT and Innovation


Risk management

Growth Enhancement

Development and Global perspectives

Agriculture and industry

Human Capital

International Trade, Investment and Development

Governance and Management


Business, Economics and industry

STEM and sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Eco-System Integrity

Pollution Management


Natural Resources

Global Climate change and energy management

Safety and health

Environmental Justice and Regulations

Water and Sanitation

Disaster Management

Social Sustainability


Human rights and Democracy


Labor Relations

Health and Welfare

Peace, Security and Terrorism

Partnerships and Collaborations

Food and security

Empowerment, Gender and Equity

Communications and Media Issues

Arts and Culture

Institutional Stability

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