DATE: 18 – 20 NOVEMBER, 2015



Conference Overview

The Eastern Africa Multidisciplinary Applied Research Conference (EAMARC II) was held at USIU-Africa on 18-20 November 2015. The purpose of the conference was to create a platform for the distinguished researchers, industry practitioners, professionals and students to share findings from their applied research along with experiences, achievements and challenges in their respective areas of proficiency. The conference specifically aimed at providing a podium for researchers to vitrine their research activities through;

  •   Discussion of specialized applied research related to development goals and policy issues relevant to decision making, in particular with respect to the East African region;

  • Collaboration among researchers and linkages with practitioners and policy makers;

  • Contribution to publications and dissemination of research findings complement a main article. Use them when you want to keep your main articles direct and information packed, but you still want to share extra or supplementary content.

Conference Outputs

Besides presentations of paper, the conference stimulated networking, collaborations, and sharing of best practices and solutions to emerging issues in academia and the industrial arena. Conference publications, reports from interactive sessions will be uploaded to the university repository.

For more information contact: eamarc@usiu.ac.ke or smuchai@usiu.ac.ke
Tel: +254730116441 0r +254203606441/606/511/406/621/609