Moving beyond a focus on the continent’s historical victimhood, this conference seeks to capture Africa’s process of innovating the future for itself based on a comfortable embrace of what Africa is: young, productive, optimistic, endowed and in a state of transformation that is not only confident about itself but also unapologetic about its global outlook. Africa is clearly redefining itself as the driver of its destiny by harnessing the productive energies of its ample youth, capitalizing on the synergies of its diaspora and making peace with the necessity of forging global alliances

The future of African people is in Africa and beyond. The idea of “beyond history” is to suggest that Africa is moving beyond its historical tribulations and assertions of its greatness to a more conscious and dynamic agency for itself and its future. In this reconfiguration, it is creating an enabling setting for African innovations and sustainable development and for the domestic, global and diaspora transformations that seek to capture this growing agency.