Academic Research Office coordinates institution-wide research efforts. The Academic Research Office is headed by the Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor for for Academic Affairs - Research responsible for the collaborations and management of university research affairs; development of research capacity; generation of research and capacity building grants; monitoring and evaluation of grant funded projects; patenting and dissemination of created works and partnerships and collaborations.

Academic Research Office Organizational Structure USIU-Africa

Research Associate: Vacant

The research associate has responsibilities to conduct research, provide support for faculty research efforts and capacity building, coordinate with research centres to provide support with conference and publication efforts, and maintain data records and reports related to faculty research efforts. The RA works closely with the grantwriter to develop research proposals and institutional research to enhance the faculty research profile database.

M&E Specialist: Ms. Evelyne Ndenga

The role of the M&E specialist is to monitor and evaluate grant funded projects and works directly in close cooperation with other stakeholders in ensuring funded projects meet USIU quality expectations and contractual obligations including deliverables, deadlines, quality etc.

Office Administrator and Publicity: Ms. Lucy Kahindi

Cell Phone: +254 730 116 441| Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The office administrator provide overall office administrative oversight including supervision of student assistants and maintains records and data of all faculty, staff and student. She is also responsible for research website, newsletter and coordination of publication efforts.

Grant Writer: Mr. Bonn Jonyo

The Grant Writer is responsible for coordinating the Academic Affairs Grants Writing and related initiatives directly in close cooperation with other stakeholders in expanding the non-tuition revenue streams for the university.

Agribusiness Project Manager: Ms. Karen Musikoyo Nguru

The Agribusiness Project manager is responsible for planning, budgeting, coordinating and controlling all the Agribusiness project activities including promotion, recruitment, enrollment, and monitoring and evaluation of program activities as well as supervising project staff. She also coordinates faculty development of materials and training workshops.

To support the individual interests of each of its faculty members. The Academic Research Office provides technical support and capacity building in the following areas:

  • Proposal writing and fundraising
  • Research ethical approvals
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Publication
  • Data analysis

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