Security Department

The university is conscious of the need to secure the members of the university while they are on campus, as well as university property.

The department is responsible for ensuring security on campus, as well as managing entrances and exits of the campus and all campus buildings. Such auxiliary services as parking and traffic management and emergency protocols also fall in the purview of the department.

The Security Department is manned by a motivated and professional workforce consisting of an internal security team, with the assistance of contracted security services and armed police patrols.

Internal Security Team

Head of Security: Mr. David Ayora

Office Location: Transport Yard
Direct Line: 0730116583 | Cell: 0737637439 OR 0722699215

Assistant Head of Security: Mr. Peter Omusula

Office Location : Science Center
Cell: 0720320935

Security Officer I : Ms. Janis Gataka

Office Location Library Ground Floor
Direct Line: 0730116320 | Cell : 0711552787

Security Officer I: Mr. Edwin Wachie

Office Location: Library Basement
Direct Line: 0730116219 | Cell: 0721539009 0r 0736191609.

Security Officer II : Mr. James Obiero

Office Location Library Ground Floor
Direct Line: 0730116320 | Cell: 0722380837.

Contracted Security Team

Riley Security Services is USIU-Africa’s current security contracter. They provide guard and patrol services at university entrances and buildings, and along the university perimeter, for 24 hours every day.

Kenya Police Service

Armed police officers also patrol the university campus.

Vetting & Identification

All vehicles must be checked upon arrival at any university entrance. Drivers & passengers must provide proof of university membership or seek a visitor’s pass to gain entrance.

Staff Faculty and Students are required and must present USIU-Africa Identification Cards at any entrance to the university. They should also be appropriately displayed and must be availed upon request by any contracted security personnel or authorized university personnel.

Visitors are required to present either a National ID Card or Passport, as well as provide details of their intended destination on seeking admission to the university. A visitor’s pass will be issued on fulfillment of those and any other conditions. This pass must be subsequently, prominently displayed once issued.

Traffic & Parking

A car pass is issued to each driver upon entrance into the university. The pass is green for students, blue for staff and faculty, and red for visitors. This pass must be surrendered upon exit from the campus. A charge of KES 500 is imposed for each lost/misplaced pass.

Additionally all traffic and parking signs must be observed, as well as road/parking courtesy proffered to all road users.

Parking: Parking Stickers can be obtained from the Head of Security’s office. Overnight parking is available on prior arrangement with the Security department.

The university is not liable for theft of items in any vehicle while parked on university premises.

Building Security

All buildings are fitted with security kits: smoke detectors, motion detectors and burglar alarms Fire equipment in the form of fire sensors, alarms, extinguishers and water hydrants are part of the safety measures for each building. All safety equipment must not be touched or compromised in any way.

Security procedures include readiness measures such as emergency drills. These are periodically conducted with the required cooperation of every member of the university community. All members must ensure they are familiar with fire exits, assembly points and protocols for each building.

Specific buildings such as the library require additional security measures. Electronic equipment (such as laptops, cameras, etc) must be registered on entrance and signed out on exit. Any luggage must also be searched upon exit.


Pedestrians must keep to walkways while walking on campus. Any litter must be placed in the appropriate bins on campus.

Walking on the lawns, littering or spraying graffiti on any building or surface on campus attracts a fine on KES 2000.

Lost & Found Items

Any lost item should be immediately reported to any security desk. Found items can also be deposited at any desk.

Lost and found items are deposited at the administration block security desk (or the Head of Security’s Office), where any owner seeking recovery of an item should check. A security protocol is followed to confirm identity/ownership before any item is released.

Should a university identity be lost, a security note should be obtained from the Security department to assist in procurement of a police abstract (forms can be downloaded from the Kenya Police Service website).


Though the department provides security services, security on campus as well as personal property is the responsibility of each member of the university.

Violations of security protocols, procedures, or the laws of Kenya will attract appropriate penalties as laid out on the various handbooks, including referral to the Kenya Police Service for further action.

If you become a victim/witness of crime on campus, kindly assist in investigations. Proactively make a report of any suspicious activity to any security desk(s) on campus for further action. Additionally, contact the internal security team suing their contacts listed previously.

Grievances: Should you have any grievance or experience a problem, or have a concern regarding treatment or procedure by any of the security staff, kindly email the Head of Security at