• Handles specific problems and concerns of individual international students.
  • Coordinates the Student Exchange/Study Abroad programs
  • Helps in the orientation of New Students
  • Works closely with Exchange/Study Abroad partner institutions and parents/guardians
  • Maintains a record of all international students

Important Information

Pupil’s Pass

International students MUST possess a valid Pupil’s Passes and must be registered students at the university.

Being absent from school without authorization will result in the pupil’s pass being revoked.

In addition, all Int’l students must obtain alien cards. This is a document that a student gets after obtaining the Pupil’s pass. It costs Kshs. 2000.00 and it enables the student to move around without carrying the passport.

Health Insurance Cover Fee

All International Students are charged health insurance fees. The current charges are as follows:

  • Non-East Africa - Approximately US$ 80.00
  • East Africa Community - KES. 8,000.00

In case a student has a 'valid' Medical Insurance Cover, he/she should take a confirmation letter from the Insurance Company to the Health Services Coordinator at the USIU-Africa Health clinic for confirmation before mid-month (15th day) of the first month after semester begins.

University Codes of Conduct and Ethics

All international students must adhere to University’s Policies & Procedures. This information is found in the University Catalog and the USIU-Africa Student Handbook.

Embassy Registration

Registration with 'home' Embassies – All International Students should ensure they register themselves at their embassies for the entire duration of their stay in Kenya. This allows embassies to contact their citizens whenever they need to impart important information.

Student Exchange Program

The purpose of the program is to assist students in the awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of both the diversity and commonality of cultures.
The program enables students to take a few classes at ‘host’ institutions, but not to study for the whole degree program.
All course credits earned at host institutions will be fully transferable to home institutions’ transcripts.

To be eligible, an applicants for the program must be a Sophomore, Junior or Senior (with 30 units or more)

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • No history of disciplinary infractions (refer to the Student Code of Conduct).
  • USIU-Africa Tuition, Fees and Room and Board (housing & meals) must be paid to ‘home’ institution (USIU-Africa). NB: Funds deposited are non-refundable.
  • Successful applicants will be exempted from paying fees mentioned above, at the 'host' institution. For more information, visit the Student Exchange Web Page on the website.
  • The participant is responsible for personal expenses, travel expenses, book purchases and health insurance at the ‘host’ institution
  • Participants are subjected to the same regulations and performance standards that pertain to other students at the host university.