Financial Aid At USIU-Africa

The United States International University –Africa Financial Aid Office is committed to supporting the University achieve its Vision and Mission of providing quality all round education to a diversified population of students by promoting scholarship and helping students with financial need meet their tuition costs.

The Financial Aid Office is located on the Second Floor Freida Brown Student Center, Phone: 0730116776

Please Note: There are very Limited Amounts of Aid. (Awards are subject to availability of funds)

Financial Aid Programs

  • Special Need Grant.
  • 40% Tuition Sports Scholarships for Freshmen & 25% Tuition for the Continuing Students.
  • Full USIU Scholarship.
  • Partial 100% Tuition USIU Scholarship.
  • 25% Tuition Grant for International Students.
  • Resident Assistantship – GPA of 3.0 and above.
  • 100% Tuition Scholarship for the Physically Challenged.
  • 25% Tuition SAC Scholarship – GPA of 2.5.
  • 100% Tuition Scholarship for the Students from Marginalized Communities.
Externally Funded Programs
  • HELB – Application forms available on the website
  • CDF Bursaries
  • Rattansi Education Trust Fund
Application Procedures
  • Complete the Financial Aid Application Form.
  • Attach all the supporting documents.
  • Go through an Interview.
  • Results will be communicated to all applicants by mail.

Further information on financial aid programs and application forms can be found on the Financial Aid page.

NOTE: Completion of an application process does not guarantee Financial Aid.

Managing Your Fees

  • Slow the pace - take fewer courses.
  • Look for alternative sources of funding e.g. HELB, MOE and CDF bursaries.
  • Host a fund raising event.