Tel: 0730116509/538/220/224

Services Offered To Students

  • Revenue collection
  • Student billing
  • Deferred payment plan arrangement
  • Financial clearance
  • Student statements
  • Students’ accounts queries
  • Bank introduction letters

Acceptable Modes of Payment

  • Bank cash deposits
  • Bankers checks
  • Telegraphic transfers (Wire transfer)
  • All major Credit cards/Visa Debit Cards.
Bank cash deposits
  • Payment currencies are either in Shillings or US Dollars and the rate depends on current bank rates
  • Cash payments in excess of Ksh.1,000 to be directly banked in any of our bank accounts
  • Cash deposits will be receipted to the student account from our bank statements
  • No need to bring cash deposit slips to our cash office
  • One must ensure that the correct student ID number is included on the deposit slip
  • Any cash deposit other than fees should be communicated to finance by email:
  • Receipts will be collected from cash office one day after depositing cash in the bank
Cheque and Visa Cards
  • Bankers Cheques
  • Personal cheques.
  • All major Credit cards/Visa Debit Cards.

All the above must be presented to the cash office for receipting

M-PESA payments
  • On Safaricom menu select Pay bill
  • Enter USIU Business number – 516900
  • Enter amount to pay
  • Acct. number – student ID No. and name.

Currently, payment is up to a maximum of Ksh.70,000 per transaction and a limit of Ksh.140,000 transacted per day.

Returned checks

A penalty of 10% of the check amount to a maximum of Ksh.5,000 is charged on any returned checks

To avoid penalty ensure availability of funds in your account.

Also ensure checks are drawn to USIU, correctly dated and duly signed.

Where To Pay

Bank Account Number
Cooperative Bank A/C No. 01120002134100
Commercial Bank of Africa Kshs. A/C No. 6438840014
US Dollar A/C No. 6462210014
Standard Chartered Bank A/C no. 0104023439700


These banks have USIU deposit slips with a USIU logo and account numbers

Not able to make it to school on week days and paying by check?
Sign in and drop your check into the white box at the Administration block security desk for receipting the next day and indicate ID # at the back of check.

Undergraduate (Non-East African) Fees

Tuition Fee 105,000 1,280.49
Library Fee 6,250 76.22
Medical Fee 1,938 23.63
Student Activity Fee 625 7.62
Computer Lab Fee 3,200 39.02
Caution Fee 2,000 24.39
Health Insurance Fee 8,000 97.56
TOTAL 127,013 1,548.93
Pupil’s Pass Fee

A pupils pass fee of KES 5,000 (US$ 70) per year will be required for non-Kenyan students.

The government gives a two year’s pass which amounts to KES.10,000.

Undergraduate (East African Fees) (Ksh.)

Fee Cost
Tuition Fee 84,000
Library Fee 5,000
Medical Fee 1,550
Student Activity Fee 500
Computer Lab 3,200
Caution Fee 2,000
TOTAL 96,250

Payment Dates

Fees must be paid in FULL on or before the date the semester begins.

All freshmen must pay fees in full to be able to register for courses.

An installment payment plan is available for Kenyan students at the beginning of their 2nd semester.

Payment In Installments

Installment payments must be accompanied by a fully-filled in Deferred Payment Plan Form from the Finance office.

Fees for one semester can be paid in a maximum of three installments.

The 1st installment is due within the 1st two weeks of the semester.

The 2nd and the 3rd installment is due on the 7th of the following two months respectively.

If one fails to honor the plan he /she will be denied the privilege in future.


There is an interest charge of 1.5% per month on any outstanding debit balance.

Financial Clearance

This is given upon payment of the full fees or upon getting an approved deferred payment plan (after payment of the 1st installment).

It allows the student to access the library books and other facilities on campus.

Tuition Refunds

Tuition cannot be refunded for continuing students . However, upon final clearance from the university, remaining tuition are refunded to the individual student’s declared bank account.

Students are required to open their own bank accounts through which funds for student upkeep will be channeled by their sponsors.

Upkeep money should not be deposited in USIU Bank account.

Students with excess money in their school accounts may be allowed to debit for university related services unless sponsors/parents advise otherwise.

Students are not allowed to transfer funds to other students.

Transport Services

Our transport services are outsourced to ZUKA Transport Co.

Student drop and pick up point is at Moi Avenue Primary School near Jevanjee Gardens.

Transport fee per Semester is KES 10,000.

The transport fee should be paid by check or bank deposit to the USIU account.

This can be paid separately or as an extra payment over and above school fees.

For continuing students on an installment plan, this service must be paid for separately.