NEVA Entrepreneurship Training Astar Richard Njau 20072017 81
Mr. Richard Njau (Director, 4UP Digital) speaks to entrepreneurs during talk on “Mental Digital Shift” on Thursday, July 20 in the Innovation & Incubation Center

Mr. Richard Njau (Director, 4UP Digital) was invited by the New Economy Venture Accelerator to speak participants in the entrepreneurship program about a “Mental Digital Shift”, on Thursday, July 20. The session held at the Innovation and Incubation Center, focused on getting participants to begin thinking of new opportunities made available through digital platforms such as social media.

Ms. Rachel Osewe (Journalism Senior) organized a campaign dubbed “Stay Woke: Say No to Terrorism” to increase awareness of terrorism among college students, from June 13 to July 20. Using social media and radio, Ms. Osewe’s campaign sought to encourage students to remain vigilant, in the face of on-going threats to personal and national security. The climax of the campaign was a panel discussion held in the cafeteria’s executive dining room on Monday, July 17.

USIU-Africa’s ladies basketball team defeated Strathmore University 54-39 during a Kenya Basketball Federation Women’s Premier League match on Saturday July 15 at the Nyayo Gymnasium.

Josephine Arasa 29062010 01
Dr. Josephine Arasa takes up her new role as Acting Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs on Monday, July 24.

Friday, July 21 – In an email to the university community, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza announced the University Senate’s approval of the appointment of Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Josephine Nyaboke Arasa as Acting Associate DVC (Student Affairs).

Nelson Mandela Day Community Service Roysambu Primary 17072017 103
Students take part in a 67 minute cleanup of Roysambu Primary School to commemorate the International Nelson Mandela Day on Tuesday, July 28. Photo: Antonio Longangi

Students from USIU-Africa joined the High Commission of the Republic of South Africa in Kenya and the United Nations Information Center (UNIC) to conduct a cleanup of Roysambu Primary School on Tuesday, July 18. The cleanup was organized by the United Nations Information Center to commemorate International Nelson Mandela Day - where each year on July 18, people all over the world spend 67 minutes in community service.

The USIU-Africa Club for Hotel and Restaurant Students (CHATS) organized a camping trip to the Amboseli National Park from Friday July 14 to Sunday July 16, to provide a practical experience on management of park visitors.

A debate often rages within workplaces across Kenya about whether task-oriented leadership or people-oriented leadership yields the best results.  In the literature too, researchers jostle between the two different leadership behaviour types.

How does design thinking work in practice? Why do highly successful companies like Apple, Facebook, Amazon, IBM and Google innovate continuously? Its because of their culture of design thinking. Design thinking links inspiration, passion, and drive to execution and delivery.

Design thinking helps people deeply understand problems and allows them to  think like designers to solve problems by understanding their stakeholders to create radical and innovative solutions built based on the values of their stakeholders. This allows them to create solutions that people love and care about both emotionally and intellectually.

The typical stages in the design thinking methodology are ideation, discovery, problem framing and rapid prototyping. This methodology is specifically designed to generate an idea and carry it through to the prototyping stage within a short period of time.

USIU Radio 99.9FM, hosted Ms. Rachel Kiragu, an alumna on Friday, June 30 for a mentorship session, as part of the Radio Mentorship Program.

The second edition of the Creatives Week was held from Tuesday July 11 to Thursday July 13 to celebrate entrepreneurship, innovation, performing art, dance and visual arts, through exhibitions and performances. The week-long series of activities offers a platform for students to showcase their work and various talents, and culminates in the Campus Choice Awards, which were held in the auditorium on Thursday, July 13.