SPHS Internal Grant Studies 11072018 01
From left: Josephat Mosweta (Lab Technologist), Joseph Wendotti (Forest Path Guide), Lincoln Munyendo (Assistant Professor of Pharmacy), Dickens Ondigo (Lab Technologist), Lucy Wangui (Parataonomist) and Everlyne Chepsergin (Community Assistant) PHOTO: KEVIN ODHIAMBO

By Dr. Lincoln Were

Researchers from the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Dr. Lincoln Were (Principal Investigator), Dr. Apollo Maima, Mr. Kevin Odhiambo, Mr. Josephat Mosweta and Mr. Dickens Ondigo are carrying out “Studies of phytochemicals gold nanoparticles ointments/creams for management of Sarcoptes scabiei and associated bacterial infections”.

The team traversed Baringo County on a recent field trip to collect samples of selected medicinal plants for lab analysis, to avail remedies for bacterial infection related to scabies. A second team comprising Dr. Edith Amuhaya (Principal Investigator), Dr. Naumih Noah, Dr. Betty Mbatia and Mr. Eugene Otoo are also working on “Development of Protoactive Materials for Water Decontamination”.

Performance Management Champions 08062018 33
Ms. Ruth Kyengo (Manager, People & Change, KPMG) describes features of the new Performance Management System to participants (Champions) during their first training session, on Friday, June 8 at the Chandaria School of Business. PHOTO: ANTONIO LONGANGI

By Yusuf Saleh & Ernest Anguru

A training workshop for the Performance Management System Champions was held on Friday, June 8 at the Chandaria School of Business. The champions were nominated by their respective divisions to assist in the adoption of a new performance management framework by supporting the implementation and entrenching of the process.

To enable the university achieve its goals and aspirations in a sector that is becoming increasingly dynamic, the department of Human Resources will be launching a new Performance Management System (PMS) for all University employees.

This is part of the implementation of USIU-Africa’s five year strategic plan which provides for a new performance management framework that promotes service excellence in all areas of operation and supports each employee in effective delivery of their respective role.

Guest Lecture Global Business Management 18062018 39 1
Mr. Isaac Awuondo, Group Managing Director - Commercial Bank of Africa speaks to members of the MBA (Global Business Management) class taught by Dr. Caren Ouma (Assistant Professor of Management) on Monday, June 18. PHOTO:DAN MUCHAI

By Diana Meso

On Monday, June 18, Mr. Isaac Awuondo, Group Managing Director of Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) was invited by Dr. Caren Ouma (Assistant Professor of Management), to speak to the Summer Semester MBA (Global Business Management) at the Library Bookshop, on strategies to be used by transformational leaders to handle ethical dilemmas in corporate business.

Mr. Awuondo began his discussion by explaining how ethics and leadership intertwine in the corporate world, describing how cost, conflicting values, limited opportunities and other factors contribute to ethical dilemmas in corporate business.

Giving a case study of the Ford Pinto Case in 1970’s; where in an effort to produce a stylish but affordable sub-compact Ford automobile with a low operating cost, consumer affordability and style took precedence over safety in the production of the  gas tank. Mr. Awuondo explained why a transformative leader should think about the outcomes of their decisions, remain committed to those decisions and their values, as well as societal values.

He concluded by giving the participants a framework that they can use when faced with ethical dilemmas. Such a framework, he said, should enable a decision to provide a satisfactory outcome without sacrificing ethical values.

Personality Profiling Roadmap Great Minds Challenge 02072018 056
Ms. Susan Wamae, a trainer with Allied Resource Partners Limited,guides students working for the Incubation and Innovation Center through exercises to improve their team dynamics. PHOTO: ANTONIO LONGANGI

By Antonio Longangi

Students working at the Incubation and Innovation Center joined the organizers of the Great Minds Challenge for a personality road map training on Monday, July 2 at the Freida Brown Student Center. The training aimed at introducing student innovators and entrepreneurs to a system of behavioral profiling that improves team dynamic and interpersonal interactions.

“We believe self-awareness can tremendously improve the quality of work done by individuals and groups here at the Incubation and Innovation Center” said Mr. Peter Kinyanjui (IBA Senior) and co-founder of the Great Minds Challenge.

Facilitated by affiliated trainers from Clarity 4D, an international personality profiling company, the exercise was centered on the personality classification based on a test that compiles a set of statements unique to an individual.

Dana Basnight Brown 01
Dr. Dana Basnight-Brown (Associate Professor of Psychology and Research Scientist). PHOTO: COURTESY

By Dan Muchai   

Dr. Dana Basnight Brown, of the Department of Psychology in the School of Humanities & Social Sciences, has been named an Associate Director for the Psychological Science Accelerator (PSA) - a distributed network of laboratories designed to enable and support the large scale collection of international samples of psychological data.

Dr. Brown, who is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Research Scientist, focuses her primary research on the cognitive processes surrounding human memory and language, particularly within the domain of bilingualism.

On receiving news of her appointment, Dr. Brown was ecstatic about the lab’s potential to increase the reach of cognitive science, which she believes will prove to be of great benefit to the entire university.

Nairobi Academy Recruitment 04072018 01
Pupils at Nairobi Academy interact with the modular electronic kits provided by the USIU-Africa team that made a presentation at the School on Wednesday, July 4, 2018. The team hoped to use the kits to shape perspectives on problem solving and creativity using computer science. PHOTO: MAX MUSAU

By Max Musau

During the Independence Day holiday on July 4, the Nairobi Academy held its annual ICT Open Day in which they invited a number of universities and organizations to showcase their programs and activities in ICT.

A team of students that included James Warui (APT Senior), Tracy Mugwe (APT Senior) and Felix Kipngetch (APT Freshman) lead by Technologist Mr. Max Musau from the School of Science and Technology, attended the open day and showcased a range of modular electronics kits that the School uses to teach computer science, and that are frequently used for teaching digital electronics and prototyping around the Internet Of Things (IOT) devices.

The devices provide a hands on approach to digital creation and automation using lights, motors, sounds and other sensors. Easy to understand and use, the devices and sensors are intended to enhance learning by encouraging students to make new connections between different ideas and areas of knowledge by using information they already have. This learning is done through participating in projects facilitated by means of coaching, as opposed to lectures or step-by-step guidance.

Media Experience Tour Spring 2018
The Spring 2018 Media Experience Tour class together with their instructor Assistant Professor of Journalism Dr. Stephen Kimotho (center), pose for a photo outside the American University in Washington D.C. during their trip to the U..S. from April 24 to May 5, 2018. PHOTO: NASHON OWANO

By Nashon Owano

Students of the Spring 2018 JRN 4911 Media Tour Experience Class made history when they became the first class to make a tour of an international media house to understand internal media operations.  Led by their lecturer Dr. Stephen Kimotho (Assistant Professor of Journalism), the eight students were exposed to a world-class, professional environment relating to print media, public relations and broadcast journalism, during their trip to New York and Washington D.C.

In New York their highlight was a visit to the prestigious NBC Studios, one of the leading broadcasters in the world. Located at The Rockefeller Center, NBC Studios are home to award-winning U.S. shows such as Saturday Night Live, America’s Got Talent, Law & Order, Blindspot, The Blacklist and the Chicago PD/Fire/Med shows. One of the longest-running TV scripted show – Days of Our Lives – is produced there.

The group obtained backstage access to Late Night with Seth Meyers and Megan Kelly Today recording sets. At the end of the tour the eight students were offered an opportunity to simulate the production and hosting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon show, which previously hosted Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show.

By Antonio Longangi

The Counseling Center’s Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) Week, for this summer semester, was held from Monday, July 9 to Friday, July 13 on campus. Aiming at sensitizing and raising awareness on matters concerning HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, and behavior change, activities were held under the slogan “Your Future, your responsibility.”

“Ignorance has bred all kinds of health-related myths,” remarked Miss Sylvia Kerubo (IBA Sophomore), a volunteer counselor during the VCT week, adding that “It is important for the university community to adopt a responsible approach to health, and set an example for the rest of society.”

HIV/AIDS counselling and testing, STIs screening as well as information sharing on sexual reproductive health and contraception were the main focus for the week’s activities, as well as breast and cervical cancer screening and sensitization, provided under tents set up in strategic locations around campus.

TOFAC 2018
Prof. Toyin Falola speaks during the opening session of the Eighth Toyin Falola Annual International Conference (TOFAC) on Africa and the African Diaspora held at the auditorium on Tuesday, July 3, 2018.Photo: Antonio Longangi

By Diana Meso

USIU-Africa in partnership with the Toyin Falola Annual International Conference (TOFAC) hosted the Eighth Conference on Africa and the African Diaspora themed “Beyond History – African Agency” from July 3-5.

The three-day event which was the first to be held in Kenya, aimed at demystifying and identifying ways in which Africa can innovate the future for itself based on a progressive embrace of a young, productive, optimistic and endowed Africa. It was attended by over 200 participants representing at least 15 countries.
During the opening session at the auditorium, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza welcomed the participants saying that the conference plays a key role in Africa’s redefining itself as the driver of its destiny, by harnessing the productive energies of its ample youth and capitalizing on the synergies of its diaspora and making peace with the necessity of forging global alliances.

Prof. Toyin Falola- after whom the conference is named - also welcomed the delegates describing the conference as a platform to engage on the need to produce knowledge at the highest levels of excellence.

In her keynote speech, Professor of Security Leadership and Development at King’s College, London, Prof. Funmi Olonisakin, urged participants to change the way Africans are being listened to as part of a transformative process.

“Those who matter most are not speaking overtly, if we do not look for answers, by looking beyond that which is presented to us, we might actually in essence be sustaining the very inequalities and inequities that create the kind of continent in which our agency is hijacked, and appropriated,” she said.

Rise Learn Partnership
From Left: Mrs. Cecilia Mweru (Career and Placement Officer), Ms. Bernice Nasimiyu (Director, Solution Finders Development Center), Mr. Stephen Olieka (Human Resource Segment Head at Safal Group), Mrs. Emily Kamunde (Director of Rise & Learn), Prof. Paul Zeleza (Vice Chancellor), Amb. Prof. Ruthie Rono (DVC Academic and Student Affairs), Ms. Hellen Ambasa (Director Legal Services and Company Secretary), Ms. Mina Kaburu (Career and Placement Officer) and Mr. James Ogolla (Director University Advancement) during the MOU signing on Friday, June 22, 2018 at the VC’s board room.Photo: Antonio Longangi

By Cecilia Mweru and Ernest Anguru

USIU-Africa and Rise and Learn Mentorship Group (RLM)- a product of Rise & Learn Limited signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide mentorship to graduate students aimed at equipping them with skills needed for their career progression. The event was held on Friday, June 22 and was attended by USIU-Africa Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza, DVC Academic and Student Affairs Amb. Prof. Ruthie Rono and Director of Rise & Learn Mrs. Emily Kamunde.

The partnership provides a platform for RLM Group to compliment and support the Placement and Career Services (PACS) Student Mentorship Program through various trainings that will enable graduates explore their career options, identify and prepare for opportunities in the job market and access internship, volunteer and job openings in partner organizations.

The inaugural program will be launched on Wednesday, July 25 during the Career Fair Graduate Connect networking event and will admit 40 graduates who will be matched with their individual mentors.The event was also graced by Human Resource Segment Head at Safal Group Mr. Stephen Olieka, Founder and Director, Solution Finders Development Center Ms. Bernice Nasimiyu, Director of University Advancement Mr. James Ogolla, Director of Legal Services and Company Secretary Ms. Hellen Ambasa, and Placement and Career Services officers Ms. Mina Kaburu and Mrs. Cecilia Mweru.

RLM Group is a consortium of Human Resource professionals from well-established HR firms in Kenya whose objective is to provide mentorship to young people.
Rise & Learn Limited is a HR Consulting and Training firm aimed at impacting lives and multiplying the impact through training.

Interested participants may register through contacting Career and Placement Officer Mrs. Cecilia Mweru on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /0730 116 778 or through visiting the PACS office, 2nd Floor, Freida Brown Student Center.