Media Mentions

Mentions of USIU-Africa online
17 Sept- The Standard mentioned USIU-Africa in an article titled "Multimedia students taught hockey lesson: Kuira leads USIU to 7-0 victory in league encounter".

15 Sept- Daily Nation mentioned USIU-Africa in an article titled "Vikings next in Telkom's firing line"

12 Sept- Business Daily wrote an article that mentioned USIU-Africa titled "Top doctorate degree award for CEO of State incubator"

12 Sept- The Standard posted a response to their story featuring USIU-Africa titled "How Esther Passaris achieved her dream of graduating from USIU".

11 Sept – Hapakenya wrote an article on USIU-Africa commencement titled "USIU VC calls for universities to cultivate research culture at 39th graduation ceremony".

19  Sept- The People Daily wrote a story featuring USIU-Africa titled "USIU-Africa VC calls for universities, State to cultivate partnerships aimed at boosting research"

13 July- Edge magazine covered a story On USIU-Africa winning the excellence award in a story titled ‘USIU-Africa wins Continental Award’

12 July – USIU-Africa was mentioned in a story by Capital FM titled ‘USIU to Improve Research from Trilateral Partnership Initiative’

12 July- A student was featured in article by The Star titled ‘Tired of war, South Sudanese youth turn to art to push for peace’

12 July- The Kenyan mentioned USIU-Africa’s faculty on a story titled ‘USIU to Improve Research from Trilateral Partnership Initiative’

11 July – covered a story on our Faculty member titled ‘Kenya’s USIU-Africa Professor Awarded With a Nanotechnology Research Grant’

7 July – Daily Nation covered a story of one of USIU-Africa’s students in a story titled ‘Student fights pollution by turning waste glass into furniture.’