Members of the Alumni Association who are USIU-Africa’s staff members had an opportunity to meet with the Vice Chancellor in a event dubbed Affinity Evening held on June 30 at the Freida Brown Student Center Cafeteria. This was an opportunity for the alumni staff to interact with the Vice Chancellor in an informal setting as well as a chance to recount their experiences from the time they joined USIU-Africa as students to how they started working with USIU-Africa and what they love about the university.

During their speeches, those present underlined their commitment to the overall mission of the university and were proud to be associated with the institution.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Paul Zeleza, and the Director of University Advancement, Mr. James Ogolla, expressed their appreciation of the alumni staff members and encouraged them to uphold the high level of diligence and commitment that they have portrayed in the different roles that they hold within the university. They also applauded the alumni for being proof that USIU-Africa indeed offers quality education.

In his message, the Vice Chancellor shared the key steps that the university is taking to remain a market leader highlighting the introduction of seven new programs, improvement of services within the university, enhancement of the research capacity in the institution and diversifying the revenue streams of the university. He emphasized that alumni are the torchbearers for the institution and hence they should always endeavor to be great ambassadors of their alma mater and protect its brand.

The Affinity Evening which was launched in March 2017 will be a monthly event where the Vice Chancellor will meet and interact with members of various interest groups within the Alumni Association.