The School of Humanities and Social Sciences will this week host the region’s first Criminology and Criminal Justice Conference from June 15-16 in the auditorium. Based on the theme “Challenges in the Administration of Justice and Emerging Crimes in East Africa”, the conference will bring together academics and practitioners in criminal justice to discuss challenging issues pertaining to the administration of justice and the response to emerging crimes in the region, such as money laundering, organized crime, human trafficking, terrorism and other related mutual assistance issues.

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza will invite the Director of Criminal Investigations Mr. Ndegwa Muhoro to deliver the keynote speech at 9.30am on Thursday, June 15, followed by a presentation by the conference organizer Dr. Simeon Sungi (Associate Professor of Criminal Justice) on “Understanding Crime and Victimization”. The final day’s session will begin with a keynote speech by the honorable Justice Prof. Joel Ngugi, Judge of the High Court of Kenya at 9.30am.