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Mr.Yuvenalis Nyachio (Pupil, Division of Legal Services) , Mr. James Ogolla (University Advancement Director), Mr. Moses Kurgat (Immediate former Chairperson – Industrial Property Tribunal), Ms. Helen Ambasa (Legal Services Director/Company Secretary) ,  Prof. Paul Zeleza (Vice Chancellor),  Mr. Sylvance Sange (Managing Director – Kenya Industrial Property Institute), Ms. Yvonne Mwendi (Legal Counsel), Mr. Edward Sigei (Ag. Director of Kenya Copyright Board), Ms. Joyflo Wanjiru (Pupil, Division of Legal Services) and Mr. Jared Raburu (Administration Director).

The University’s Legal Division organized a highly successful legal awareness workshop under the theme of “Know Your Rights” on May 9-10, to demystify legal issues such as Intellectual Property Rights; Land and Related Transactions; the Bribery Act; Cyber security law; Traffic Laws; and Sexual Harassment as well as enable an understanding of the University’s Intellectual Property Rights Policy by the staff, faculty and students. 

The first of its kind at the University, the workshop attracted high profile guest speakers including Mr. Mohammed Nyaoga, Senior Counsel and Lead Counsel in the on-going land tussle; Mr. Sylvance Sange, Managing Director at the Kenya Industrial Property Institute; Ms. Juliet Maina an Advocate of the High Court and an expert in Cyber security Law; Dr. Isaac Rutenberg, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Center for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT) at Strathmore Law School; Mr. Moses Kurgat, an Advocate of the High Court and previous chairperson of the Industrial Property Tribunal; Mr. Edward Sigei, Acting Executive Director of the Kenya Copyright Board; Mr. Ashitiva B. Mandale and Mr. Daniel S. Sifuma both Advocates of the High Court at Ashitiva & Nyachae Advocates; and Mr. James Okeyo, Head of Litigation at Muthoga Gaturu & Company Advocates. 

In his opening remarks, Dr. Manu Chandaria the Chancellor lauded the efforts undertaken in making such workshops accessible noting the competitive nature of modern trends in Higher Education. His sentiments were reiterated by the Vice – Chancellor, Prof. Paul T. Zeleza who not only underpinned the relevance of the workshop towards the needs of the University, noting the significance the university has placed in the protection of its intellectual property.

Key takeaways included the interest and response elicited towards the University’s Intellectual Property Rights Policy, denoting additional institutional requirements for increased awareness on the same and its provisions.
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Mr. Sylvance Sange (Managing Director – Kenya Industrial Property Institute) speaks on “Demystifying intellectual property rights: Patents; Trademark and Service Mark; Industrial Design; and Utility Model” during the first day of the Legal Awareness Workshop held in Lecture Theater I on Tuesday, May 9.
Photo Credit: Dan Muchai

Emerging aspects of cyber security, which is taught in the School of Science and Technology, emphasized the need for every member of the community to take adequate measures to protect their online security. There also a noted need to create awareness on the existence of the National Computer Incident Response Team (KE-CIRT/CC, - a body tasked with providing information and assistance to its constituents, in implementing proactive measures to reduce the risks of computer security incidents, as well as responding to such incidents when they occur.

Spousal consent in transactions concerning matrimonial property emerged as an area of interest in a lively session presided by Mr. Ashitiva. As a highly-reputable private institution of higher learning, provisions under the Bribery Act featured in a discussion led by Mr. Nyaoga, which were especially cited as essential for maintaining the reputation and integrity the university.
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Mr. Mohammed Nyaoga (Senior Counsel and Managing Partner at the firm, Mohammed Muigai Chambers) provided highlights of the Bribery Act 2016, during the second day of the Legal Awareness Workshop held in the Library Bookshop on Wednesday, May 10. The Act seeks to enhance the level of transparency and accountability in the private and public sectors.
Photo Credit: Max Musau

In her closing remarks, the Director – Legal Services & Company Secretary Ms. Helen P. Ambasa thanked the members of faculty, staff and students for their attendance, adding that that she was particularly gratified by their interest. She also acknowledged the work done by her team of lawyers; Yvonne Mwendi (Legal Counsel), Joyflo Wanjiru and Yuvenalis Nyachio (Pupils), in making the event a success, promising to hold such workshops in future.