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USIU-Africa will once again welcome Dr. Richard Munang (United Nations Environment Program Regional Climate Change Coordinator), to speak on climate change and “innovative volunteerism” in the auditorium on Thursday, May 18.

His two-hour public lecture titledClimate Change: Engendering an Inclusive Africa through Innovative Volunteerism" will begin at 2pm, and is expected to focus on how Africa can convert ideas and innovations into full scale solutions to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

And set the pace for the continent within the contemporary issues with the SDGs and Paris Climate Change Agreement visi a vis AU agenda 2063  

Dr. Richard Munang is currently the UN Environment Africa Regional Climate Change Program Coordinator responsible for guiding the actualization of UNEP's climate resilient development strategy for Africa. He also pioneered the Africa Adaptation Gap Report which has helped to galvanize a coherent continental strategic climate policy position.