Black History Month 2017 Appreciation Ceremony 05042017 01

Black History Month Committee members cut the cake celebrating the completion of a year of dedicated service to the university community.

The Black History Month Committee held an Appreciation Ceremony on Wednesday, 5 April 2017 in the Freida Brown Students Center, to recognize the work of students, members of the Committee and different divisions of the University involved with Black History Month 2017.

Members of the committee were presented with certificates of participation and thanked for their year-long service to the university, by the committees’ patron, Assistant Professor of Management Ella Dashanaba King. She expressed her satisfaction with the committee’s efforts towards organizing this year’s celebration, terming the outcome as positive. She requested the incoming team to use make improvements in terms of participation by the university community, a challenge the incoming team promised to take up.

IBA Junior, Mr. Tut Marial Wenyin, was introduced as the Committee’s next president, taking over from International Relations Junior Mr. Longangi Antonio Amandla, who completed a historic two successive terms of office.