ImCompassionate Donation 12042017 036
Partners in the #ImCompassionate Campaign pose for a group photo following the presentation of a cheque for KES 1.532 million to the Kenya Red Cross Society on Wednesday, April 12. From left: Mr. James Ogolla (University Advancement Director) Ms. Esther Odongo (Regional Customer Service Manager, SKF Kenya Ltd), Mr. Stanislas de Dinechin (MD, Jumia Travel), Amb. Prof. Ruthie Rono (DVC - Academic & Student Affairs), Mr. Ajay Manji (Ag. Secretary-General, Kenya Red Cross Society), Prof. Peter Lewa (Professor of Management), Ms. Lillian Gaitho (Head of PR and Communications – Jumia Travel), Ms. Rita Gichema (Business Research Methods - BUS6220D - Class Representative) and Dr. Juliana Namada (Assistant Professor of Strategic Management).

The #IamCompassionate campaign to raise funds to alleviate the famine crisis in Northern Kenya concluded on April 8, with a presentation of a cheque for KES 1, 583 333 to the Acting Secretary General Kenya Red Cross Society Mr. Ayaz Manji  during a ceremony outside the Administration building.

The event marked the end of a three-week fundraising period where 12 classes, 485 individual donors and three corporate organizations contributed towards the crisis in the north, that has put at least 2.7 million Kenyans at risk of starvation.

Speaking on receiving the donation, Mr. Manji also observed how encouraging it is to see young people become concerned about the plight of drought victims. He reiterated his organizations commitment to ensuring the funds reach those who are most vulnerable in line with existing efforts by the society.

#IamCompassionate began four weeks ago when Prof. Peter Lewa (Professor of Management) approached the his Strategic Management Class with an offer to raise funds to aid in famine relief afflicting parts of Kenya. He also approached the fundraising office for university support in expanding the effort to include the rest of the university community.

The Red Cross Club then linked the university with the Kenya Red Cross Society, and assisted with the mobilization efforts at class and school level, such as the #Imcompassionate Concert on April 6, the Donate-a-meal drive on Thursday, March 23, as well as manning the two campus collection points, through the duration of the campaign.

Prof. Lewa’s Contributors to Strategic Management Class (BUS6150A) was raised a record KES 326, 646 through contributions from class members, their networks and partners. The contribution included the amount raised at class-organized Solidary Run on Saturday, April 1, where Prof. Lewa contributed KES 2000 for every student who beat him in a one-hundred meter dash at the athletics track.

Dr. Juliana Namada’s Business Research Methods Class (BUS6220) also raised KES 117000, while the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences through the efforts of Dr. Betty Mbatia marshalled faculty, staff and students to raise KES 55 300. Other classes that also participated in this effort included Dr. Stephen Nyambegera’s Overview of Management Practices Class (KES 30, 600), Dr. Kipkoech Ngeno’s Research Methods in IR (KES 22, 420),  Dr. Michael Kirubi’s International Business Operations (KES 17,450) and Dr. Timothy Oketch’s International Economic and Trade (KES 14, 950).

Jumia Group – Africa’s leading online retailer, donated a total of KES 130 000, including a cheque for KES 100 000 presented to Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza and the USIU-Africa Management Board on Monday, March 27. A further KES 30000 from the company was contributed through Jumia’s participation in the April 1 Solidary Run.

Other corporate participants included SKF Kenya, which through the efforts of its Chief Executive Mr. Harris Kariuki (IBA ’97) presented a cheque of KES 200 000 to Amb. Prof. Ruthie Rono (DVC-Academic & Student Affairs), and Radio Africa’s East FM’s KES 50 000, which was part of the BUS6150A class donation. 

ImCompassionate Donation 12042017 034

Members of the USIU-Africa Chapter of the Kenya Red Cross Society, hand over donated dry goods to representatives of Kenya Red Cross, on Wednesday, April 12, following the conclusion of the #ImCompassionate campaign, that sought to raise funds towards famine relief efforts in Kenya. The campaign raised KES 1.532 million from the USIU-Africa community and partners, over a three-week period.

ImCompassionate Donation 12042017 029

Amb. Prof. Ruthie Rono (USIU-Africa DVC-ASA) presents a cheque of KES 1.532 million to Mr. Ayaz Manji (Ag. Secretary General – Kenya Red Cross Society) raised from contributions by USIU-Africa staff, faculty, students and partners, on Wednesday, April 12.Looking on is Jumia Travel MD Mr. Stanislas de Dinechin (left) and Ms. Esther Odongo (Regional Customer Service Manager, SKF Kenya Ltd).

ImCompassionate Campaign BUS6150A 05042017 008

The Spring 2017 MBA Strategic Management class (BUS6150A) taught by Prof. Peter Lewa (Professor of Management) raised a record KES 336, 231 (US$ 3233) in the #imcompassionate campaign to raise funds to purchase famine relief food. 

ImCompassionate Donation Jumia Travel Foods 27032017 003

Ms Lillian Gaitho (Head of PR & Communication, Jumia Travel) and Ms. Hellen Guthu (Head of Sales - ‎Jumia Food) present a cheque of KES 100000 to Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza on Monday, 27 March 2017 at the VC’s Boardroom. Looking on is from left: James Ogolla (University Advancement Director), Hellen P. Ambasa (Legal Services Director/Company Secretary), Eannes Ongus (Principal Fundraising Officer),Prof. Paul Zeleza, Jared Raburu (Administration Director),  Lillian Gaitho, Hellen Guthu, Amb. Prof. Ruthie Rono (DVC- Academic & Student Affairs), Ms. Edith Guchu (Ag. Finance Director) and Dr. Paul Okanda (ICT Director).

ImCompassionate Campaign SPHS Donation 06042017 07

Mr. James Ogolla (University Advancement Director) receives a cheque for KES 55300 from Dr. Betty Mbatia (Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Biotechnology), Ms. Ruth Mwai (Principal Academic Advisor), Denjamin Mutui (Pharmacy freshman) and Arnold Gitau (Pharmacy Sophomore) on Thursday, April 6 during a presentation in the Science Center.

ImCompassionate Donation IBA4010 30032017 002
Members of the Class of IBA4010 International Business Operations present KES 17 450 to Mr. James Ogolla (University Advancement Director) on Thursday, March 30. Looking on is Dr. Michael Kirubi (Associate Professor of International Business Operations, Leadership and Ethics).

ImCompassionate Donation MGT3010A 30032017 001

Members of the Class of Overview of Management Practice present a cheque of KES 30 600 to Ms. Christine Kamala (Fundraising Officer) on Thursday, March 30. The class is taught by Associate Professor of Organizational Development Dr. Stephen Nyambegera (right).

ImCompassionate Donation IRL3003B 31032017 010
Members of the IRL3003B Research Methods in International Relations class pose for a group photo with members of the USIU-Africa chapter of the Kenya Red Cross Society, following a donation of KES 22 420 towards the #ImCompassionate Campaign, on Friday, March 31. The class is taught by adjunct faculty Dr. Kipkoech Ngeno.

ImCompassionate Donation 6220D 29032017 006

Members of the Business Research Methods – 6220D graduate class taught by Assistant Professor of Strategic Management Dr. Juliana Namada, presented a cheque for KES 117 000 to University Advancement Director Mr. James Ogolla, on Thursday, March 29, 2017. The group photo also included members of other classes taught by Dr. Namada, whose contribution was part of the total.