On Friday, March 24, members of the IT club in collaboration with the School of Science and Technology (SST) and Africa’s Talking, organized a technology workshop to train club members and Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) students on how to utilize Africa’s Talking’s newly-released sandbox environment and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) into application development.

APIs are a computer operating system’s tools and resources used by developers to create software applications, while a sandbox environment is a containerization technology similar to virtualization technology that allows the isolation of running programs from the operating system, allowing developers to develop and execute programs in a secure environment without risking harm to the operating system. Sandboxes are used by developers to test new programming code in a controlled environment and has quickly become industry standard practice for developers working in teams and on multiple projects, allowing them to compartmentalize different development environments, and thus reduce the risk of technical errors.

By the end of the workshop the forty students in attendance had successfully deployed 2 applications that made use of Voice and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) APIs in the sandbox environment.

This was the second workshop this year facilitated by Africa’s Talking - a mobile technology company whose goal is to unlock the potential of mobile communication networks across Africa by simplifying the process and technologies required to exploit them. Since October 2015, the company has partnered with the IT Club and SST to organize hackathons, training workshops and externships.