Libraries the world over are grappling with the growth of online resources that have now eclipsed traditional volumes of thick tomes that with which university libraries were synonymous. Though the USIU-Africa Library and Information Center has about 10000 square meters of floor space spread on three floors and a basement, its users have gravitated towards using the widely accessible electronic resources in which the university has been steadily investing.

A three-day sensitization event will be hosted by the library to raise awareness of it’s over 100000 online journals, and 400000 e-books, and that’s not all. Over 14000 non-print media and 51 electronic databases, mean the library’s vast resources can support our entire student, faculty and staff population in their search for knowledge.

The event dubbed “E-Resources Week” will run from March 27-30 on the library’s front lawn, where the curious and the hungry for knowledge can learn new digital paths to the knowledge that has made USIU-Africa’s library rank consistently at the top of Africa’s leading citadels of information.