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Scenes from Culture Week 2016

USIU-Africa’s annual celebration of culture is taking place this coming week beginning Tuesday, March 14. Every year, students organize a three day bonanza to celebrate the melting pot of cultures that is USIU-Africa.

This year, a majority of the 65 nationalities represented in our student community will be represented during the various activities planned between March 14-16 behind the cafeteria (for the Cultural Village) and at the soccer pitch (for the Culture Night) on Thursday March 16.
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Scenes from Culture Week 2016

 Culture Week’s 2017 theme of “Travel the World in One Week” will attend to showcase how differences in food, dress, music and language draw various communities together, rather than apart. Other highlights include the “Carnival of Colors” – a part of the Hindu Holi Festival celebration to commemorate the victory of good over evil - where participants chase and spray each other with colored water and dry power accompanied by song and dance.