Dr. Marie Nelson (Lecturer, University of Nairobi) was part of the panel of speakers during the Black History Month Pan African Symposium held on Tuesday, February 14 at the auditorium. Looking on is Dr. Duncan Ojwang (Law Lecturer, University of Nairobi), Ms. Muthoni Wanyeki (Executive Director, Amnesty International for East African and the Great Lakes) and Prof. Macharia Munene (Professor of History and International Relations)

Karl Heinz CEO of JuaKali Works demonstrates the workings of a 3D printer during a demonstration show held at the Freida Brown Student Center on Thursday, February 16.

A student signs up to be registered to vote in the Kenyan General Election at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission registration center outside the cafeteria on Tuesday, February 14. A large number of Kenyan students, staff and faculty also took advantage the opportunity to update their voting details during the exercise, which is expected to conclude on Sunday, February 19.


Residents of the university hostels made a trip to the Hell’s Gate National Park on Sunday, February 12. The Park, which managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service, lies north west of Nairobi, is named after a narrow break in the cliffs, through which a tributary of a prehistoric lake once surged. It is known for its “spectacular scenery, stark rock towers, scrub clad volcanoes and belching plumes of geothermal steam
”. Fitness Instructor Dominic Oreme chaperoned the trip.