By Veronica Wanyee & Antonio Longangi

Under the supervision of the Counseling Center, the Peer Educators and Counselors Club (PECC) concluded its annual Peer Counseling Training on Saturday, September 22 at the Freida Brown Student Center.

The training held from September 14, covered the basics of peer education and counseling aiming at introducing students to peer education and counseling as an international standard of psychosocial support within an organization.
Through various theoretical and illustrative activities, participants were equipped with basic knowledge and skills necessary to offer guidance, health information and recognize problems among their peers. Activities focused on self-assessment, basic counseling and interpersonal skills; sexual based gender violence; and a discussion on the USIU-Africa Sexual Harassment Policy.

This training was open to all students and recommended for student leaders; Resident Assistants, members of the Dean’s Residents Advisory Board, Mr. & Miss USIU-Africa finalists, Student Council and club officials, as well as school academic representatives.

Such training sessions have become even more important given the necessity for peer education and counseling as a psychosocial support system.  The training sessions allow for high impact learning among psychology majors or students taking an elective as it exposes them to actual counseling situations; and facilitates an interdisciplinary experience for students in other fields.

The training has also been designed to increase student leadership skills, not only by acquiring knowledge but also by improving their interpersonal skills.

Students who participated in all sessions of the training were required to attend individual and group supervision sessions as well as sign up for one of the several outreach programs offered by PECC. “This was a pragmatic way of getting them to impart and practice the skills learnt,” commented Ms. Lydia Winda (VCT Counselor and Club Patron).