Pre orientation Internship Workshop 26072018 15
Internship Coordinator Ms. Christine Nzyoka (right) speaks with students undertaking Psychology, International Relations and Criminal Justice majors. Looking on is Internship Coordinator Swabra Soud. PHOTO: ANTONIO LONGANGI

By Antonio Longangi

From Tuesday, July 24 to Thursday, July 26, the Internship Office held a series of orientation activities at the Freida Brown Student Center. The orientation was aiming at making students aware of internship policies, procedures, preparation, and opportunities available through the Internship Office.

“Since internship is part of degree program academic requirements, we felt it was important for students to be aware of the services availed through our office before commencing an external search for internships,” commented Internship Coordinator Ms. Christine Nzyoka.
Students were provided with guidelines and insights into the current state of economic sectors, in line with the university’s focus on bridging the gap between industry and academia, by equipping students to innovatively and sustainably participate   in the careers they have elected.

Discussions covered subjects such as work environment, attitude, etiquette and performance, and also the frequently asked questions that can be found on the University website.

Internship or industrial attachment is offered as a course at USIU-Africa designed for seniors and graduate students in all academic programs at the university.

This is in accord with the overall mission of USIU-Africa to provide an environment of growth, knowledge and work experience for its students. It also prepares students for a smooth transition to the work environment by assisting them secure internship positions.