Countdown to WSCUC Reaffirmation of Accreditation Site Visit

The WASC Senior Colleges and Universities Commission is sending a team to inspect USIU- Africa’s systems for re-affirmation of accreditation, from September 18- 20 2018. In this article, Accreditation Liaison Officer Prof. Angelina Kioko explains what accreditation means.

USIU-Africa is dually accredited by two accrediting commissions: Commission for University Education (CUE) and WASC Senior Colleges and Universities Commission (WSCUC).This means that our systems and quality are inspected and guaranteed by both bodies.

WSCUC is an acronym which stands for WASC Senior College and University Commission.  It is one of six regional associations that accredits colleges, and universities in the United States. It is recognized by the Department of Education of the U.S. federal government, and is in fact one of the most prestigious commissions in the North American continent.
WSCUC accredits all the universities and colleges in the Western side of United States, including Stanford University, the nine-campus University of California system and the 23-campus California State University system, making up a total of 210 institutions. USIU-Africa is the oldest among the nine universities outside United States which are accredited by WSCUC, and it is the only one in Africa.

WSCUC accreditation confirms that an institution possesses the resources, policies, and practices to achieve its educational goals and that the university has provided evidence of the quality of its educational programs. Degree certificates from WSCUC accredited institutions open many doors thus providing great advantages to USIU-Africa graduates.