Pharmacy Club Health Drive 30052018 076

A Bachelor of Pharmacy major tests the Blooid Pressure level of an International Relations freshman during the
health drive held on Thursday, May 31. PHOTO: DAN MUCHAI

Members of the Pharmacy Club, held their first health drive behind the cafeteria, on Thursday, May 31 to raise awareness of individual health. Students of the Bachelor of Pharmacy program, conducted a series of tests focusing on visual acuity, color blindness, blood pressure and body mass index (BMI).

The Pharmacy club was launched in Spring 2017, with the objective of promoting skill acquisition among pharmacy students outside of classrooms. Through practical activities, exchange of experience, forums, lectures, and other activities, students are exposed to the local realities and international trends in the pharmaceutical sector.

“We want to encourage individuals in our community to know the basic state of their health, so they can adopt healthy habits,” commented Ms. Sandra Gitau (Pharmacy Junior). She also added that such activities “…helps us practically interact with what we are taught in class.”

The Bachelor of Pharmacy program focuses on the development, application and effective management of pharmaceutical technology as a fundamental tool of modern healthcare. Members of the club expect that the core Pharmacy program outcomes of pharmaceutical management and research, are supported by activities evolving around human health, and therefore the Club will be holding similar activities on and off campus.