On Tuesday, April 11, Serianu Limited in partnership with the School of Science and Technology, published the fifth edition of the Africa Cyber Security Report, at  Hotel Intercontinental, Nairobi.

Serianu Limited has and the School of Science and Technology’s Center for Informatics Research and Innovation have been partners in the preparation of the last four annual Cyber Security Reports.

The 2017 Report titled, “Demystifying the State of Cyber Security in Africa” provides an insightful analysis of highly critical topics in Cyber Intelligence; Cyber Security Threats; Industry Risk Ranking and Home Security.

It revealed the poor cyber health of the vast majority of African businesses, with insider threats and fake news posing the biggest cyber risks in 2017.

Liquid Telecoms Group Chief Technical Officer Mr. Ben Roberts speaking during the event urged his audience to take responsibility for the increased threat of fake news, “All of us are responsible for assessing information before passing it on.”

Most businesses based in Africa, the report revealed, especially small and medium enterprises, do not have the skills or resources, to “protect, detect, and respond to cyber security threats”.

In fact, the report reveals that ninety percent of African businesses fell well short of baseline security practices, due to a poor understanding of cyber risks to which the enterprise is exposed, and thus lacked an effective strategy to address those risks.

The top three priorities for cyber security professionals in 2018 according to the report, were to secure organizational databases, restrict access to privileged information, and ensure software patches are applied on time.

Looking at the future, the report underlined the need for businesses to properly assess their cyber security risks and thus adopt effective strategies to neutralize rapidly evolving threats.